Bolo do caco

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I have just had a wonderful vacation in Madeira. I love the prego but I cannot find a recipe for bolo do caco. Can anyone help me?

Thanks ;o)


  • flour, yeast, and water that`s all! vaia con dius!
  • Sorry but I can't read Portuguise that well.
    Thanks anyway ;o)
  • I will try - thank you!
  • real bolo do caco has also sweetpotato alias batate in will not be as good without only a normal bread with stupidoconinhos recipe...he dont even know his own heritage...saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
  • In the supermarkets there is a special flour available for bolo do caco.

    [madeira-forum dot net]
  • AND ONCE AGAIN maramelo venenozo here is the recepi, batata doce, you having a laugh, flour, yeast, salt, and water, that`s it.
    Eu gostaria imenso de fazer te um chazinho de cocomelos magicos a maneira do DOCTOR TONINHOPEDRAS.
  • Bolo do caco for tourists has no flawor and nothing without sweetpotato its nothing but a cheap copy like that nuisance of a man toninhof...ingpedras alias macedoggydog....
  • KEEP COOL DOG, next thing you gonna tell me, is assorda is made with potatoes like you!!
  • Eu tambem gostaria de saber como se faz bolo de caco.
  • heheheheheh voce esta cheio de bolo?
  • esto e facil, voce nao faz?
  • voce nao fala nada hehehehehe!
  • Theres no yeast in bolo do caco, it doesnt rise, bit like yr IQ dogalinho or whatever yr name is....
  • I followed the thread re.BOLO de CACO recipes.
    Very confusing!
    Where is the best place to look for a suitable recipe for this (sweet potato) bread?
  • Bolo Do Caco has nothing in except SR flour and water and a pinch of salt. You can see it been made and cooked at all of the festivals, basically make a paste of flour salt and water.shape into round and cook, cut on half lengthways and spread with garlic butter
  • sweet potato is supposed to be used in the real stuff

  • For all you bread lovers here is the traditional recipe for Bolo do Caco.

    1 kg flour
    4kg sweet potatoes
    25grs bakers yeast
    salt to taste

    Peel and cook the potatoes and allow to cool.
    mash them into the flour with the yeast and a little water until the dough mixture is 'light and puffy'.
    leave in a warm place and allow the dough to rise then nead and mould into small rolls and leave it for another 45 mintues to rise.
    This recipe will make 4 x 3cm thick 'loaves' and are traditionally cooked on a hot flat stone as they spread as they cook.
  • I made a Bolo do Caco loaf to "The Madeira Times" recipe suitably reduced in proportional quantities to about 600grms.
    It was quite a "wet" loaf prior to prooving and only rose a bit and then when in the oven.
    I put the mix in a round tin so that the bread would be about 30 mm thick.
    It resulted in a bread similar to an Irish potato bread but of course - pink.
    I threw it away as it was too rubbery to eat.
    I've done something wrong.
    Was the mash too wet?
    Was the yeast correct? I used a reactivated one.
    I used sea salt crystals to avoid the additives in table salt.
    In the breads without potatoes, what flour is used?.
    By the way- my regular baking of loaves using regular flours, spelt or unbleached stoneground whites or Canadian strong flour always work.
    I have tried potato based breads in the past, but used "Smash" as the potato flour.
    They were iffy, but could be fried as a breakfast accompanyment.
    I loved the bread in Madeira and I would love to reproduce a Prego
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