Milo Cubes

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Hi, is anyone able to let me have a recipe with quantities for making the milo cubes that are popularly eaten with Espetada.

I tried to make it using what I thought would be correct and could have used them as bricks!



  • Will sort this out for you for when i next see ya, ill even come and show you how its done . xx
  • Hi Elaine and Toby - recipe for Milo Frito in quantities!

    1kg corn maize or maize meal
    2L water,
    1 tablespoon lard or dripping
    1/2 cabbage (finely chopped)
    1 handful of broadbeans
    salt to taste
    sprig of savoury

    Add salt lard and savoury to the water, make sure the water is tepid then add the cabbage and maize. Over the stove, mix the contents until it comes to boil making sure that it isn't lumpy. Reduce heat and allow to simmer mixing occasionally.
    Transfer the mixture into a dish and when cool stick it in the fridge until it sets.
    When it's cold cut into cubes and then deep or shallow fry the cubes in hot oil. Voila!
  • Hi i cook my milho in similar way as above (just like my mum does):

    The water has to be just warm not hot, i add crashed few garlic heads, olive oil, pork lard or i personally like to use maggi cubes, with wooden spoon start mixing the cornmeal bit by bit from the pack into the pot slowly till it comes to a boil, then i add frozen or fresh broadbeans, frozen brocolli (by the way, is as good as cabbage) or fresh cabbage cover and simmer on low flame for about 1/2hours depending on quantity always stir time to time as it tends to stick to the bottom of the pot also small cubes of potato can also be added towards the end,i always add hot water as necessary through the cooking. I know some people also roasts the milho cubes in a hot oven but i prefer to fry as the traditional way, on cooking oil and drain well on kitchen paper towel.
  • Thank you Sam & Phoebe I shall experiment over the weekend!
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