ten pin bowling

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there are a small group of us who are going to meet on Fridays at 2.30pm in the alley at Canico Shopping Centre.
anyone interested in coming along for a game or just a chat.


  • Are you still doing this? My husband and I are very interested in coming along.
  • hello HRM,yes there is a group of us -between 5 or 9 depending on whose free -that meet on Friday afternoons in CANICO SHOPPING CENTRE at 2.15 -2.30pm.
    I know you are in Funchal but you are more than welcome.
    regards ,Vic
  • Hi, which number SAM bus goes to Canico and does it stop by the shopping centre? Thanks
  • Hi,SAM buses don't come into CANICO.

    you need -EMPRESA DE AUTOMOVIES DO CANICO(closest to MADEIRA STORY building) they are grey/white with a red stripe along the side.
    nos. 2,109,136,ask for CANICO SHOPPING (No 2 is quickest by a few min)

    or,grey buses same starting place No 110 same destination.

    look forward to seeing you maybe
  • We will do our very best to get there this Friday - and great info about the buses.
  • look forward to meeting you.
    when you get off the bus ,the bowling is at the top of the escalator
  • Hi thanks for the info, I will try and make it for Friday.
  • hello mr dragon,i,m in town,are you still bowling on fridays
    regards ron
  • when i get my drivers license maybe i'll join :D
  • you will be very welcome.
    we have had to change to Saturday afternoons around 2-2.30.
    hope you can make it,the more the merrier,anywhere between 4 upto 16 of us.
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