Animal welfare

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The uncontrolled breeding of cats and dogs on Madeira causes immense suffering to he animals. Can anything be done to remedy the situation. For one answer, please visit



  • Having just returned from Madeira couldn't help noticing the amount of dogs on the streets in different parts of the Island, many hanging around the restaurants we frequented also our hotel, I was very sad and felt helpless. I am aware of the charities provided by the expat community but wish our local goverment would do something about this. Surely i was not the only visitor to the island that was touched and felt saddened ...
  • SPAD (Society for the protection of domestic animals) are currently looking at ways to deal with the stray animal problem with all the local councils, and some news is expected soon. All the councils have a legal obligation to deal with stray animals, but unfortunately up until now they have all fobbed off those responsibilities onto SPAD ... this will have to change. What will not change is that all the animals will still end up at SPAD, so it will not solve the problems, just give SPAD an even bigger intake than they can handle ... long term only education and management at government level with reduce the problem.

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