Which airlines do you fly to Madeira?

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Having done a lot of search this summer for direct flights to Funchal from the UK the choice was very limited, tried to avoid TAP and ended up booking with 'Easyjet' from LGW hoping will never have to use them again. The services were appalling, not only we were many hours delayed at the airport both ways but one has to queue/run or pay extra to get a chosen seat on the plane. One of the incidents after waiting at the airport in Funchal for 6hours once inside the plane ready to take off one of the air stewardess come to us after a few other failed attempts (myself and partner)and asked for one of us to move so some ganny and grandchild could seat together or the flight would not take off but the ice of the cake was when we arrived at LGW at 5am there was no baggage handlers staff.


  • havent had a problem with easyjet so far nor have friends and family.
    delays?? are usually unavoidable,the easyjet fromLGW was 1 1/2 hrs delayed landing here on Tues evening due to the weather-easyjet's fault?
    why run for a seat -there's enough on there for everyone.
    what age the grandchid? scared to fly maybe ,needed comfort of their g/mother?
    baggage stakk work for LGW dont they? not individual airlines,so how is that the fault of easyjet?
    get a life
  • I have a life thank you. Sounds like you work for Easyjet. We travelled middle of August i don't recall bad weather at the time quite contrary was very humid, when one travels wether it's old person age or young child should be able to request a special seat or similar when travelling with a reputable airline, this was my point with my posting not your stupid comment.
  • you pay cheap, you get cheap. Many friends/family use Easyjet with no problems,if the weather is very windy then you will experience delays, but it is not usually the decision of the airline to delay a flight but air traffic control.There should be no need to run, as long as you get a seat (which you will) and children and wheelchairs always get priority. Unfortunately Easyjet, because of being very basic, do not offer the same check-in facilities as other airlines but now that Tui and Thomas Cook charge astronomical prices, the cheap airlines will get more busy.
  • phobe you say

    when one travels wether it's old person age or young child should be able to request a special seat or similar when travelling with a reputable airline,

    You can do this with Easyjet. You have to request it when booking. People with young children get called first as well. Has happened everytime I have travelled with Easyjet
  • Buy cheap, get cheap as you say flowergirl56!
    The queues to book in are the longest with cheap.
    The inability to sort out the problems caused by delays are the worst with cheap.
    You buy a ticket with Easy Jet/RyanAir, they state the rules and rates for baggage,therefore they MUST take FULL responsibility , even if the idiot trade unionist baggage bashers leaves everybody high and dry.
    This is called CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    All staff should be called in to go get your bags to you even if it's 3 in the morning.
    If customer service happened the blogs would be full of praise for the cheap airlines.
    As it is, lots of travellers are looking to the alternative PROPER airlines which frequently are cheaper.
  • It wasn't very cheap considering when we booked and paid for in full 6months in advance for a family of 4 well over 600pounds plus other hiden charges (they even charge for speed check in) and taxi to LGW airport and back if had flown from near home the cost would have been much less. It's having the alternative is there one apart from via Lisbon, we searched For BA but they were not listed, have they stopped all together flying there?
  • The BA flight was taken over by Easyjet a year ago but they flew from LGW as well and that is the same slot. All of the airlines now charge 'extras' - hold luggage, speedy check-in,meals etc. The cost you paid for the flight was about as low as you will get during the summer season.
  • Its nice to see that easyjet is now flying lisbon to Funchal twice a day life is getting more affordable,i do miss the BA service to Funchal it had class and i enjoyed the food on board.
  • We left for a two month holiday in the US and used TAP to UK and back, excellent service not exorbitant in price, we were well over the baggage allowance both ways and nothing was said. The staff were charming and there was food in all it makes us hesitate about going back to Easyjet; so saying I have never had a bad experience with them after having used Ryanair for many years when living in the South of France they were more up market. So if the rumours are true that talks are going on with Ryanair some people may be surprised. It is quite true about the winds, I came many years ago with TAP and changed at Lisbon via Barcelone that time and we were over the Island and we were not allowed to land (air traffic control) and returned to Lisbon! so unfortunately it is price of travel especially by air that you just have to grit your teeth, smile and pretend you are on Candid Camera!
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