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Hi Can anyone tell me have you caught SAM to the aeroport? If so where do you pick up the bus in Funchal? Any idea of current cost? Also does it pull into the aeroport terminal or close by? I know about the aeroport bus (the other one, have used it before), but I don't need to be at the airport until 10.00 and the aerport bus gets there too early, too much hanging around! Thanks


  • Hi,

    if you are travelling with luggage the SAM depot opposite of the Dolce Vita shopping center would be the best starting point.
    At the airport the SAM bus is stopping at the terminal but not all busses to Machico are going via Airport - half of them are going via Bemposta.

    Regards - Anton
  • Thanks for the information. I am not travelling with luggage.
  • cost €2.60, one way, last time I caught it in the summer

    All bus info available via this link
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