museums which ones do you recommend visiting?

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Has anyone visited any of the musuems here? if so which ones do you partiuclarly recommend (can you also let me know how much the entrance was) and do any of the museums here offer free days.

I have been to the Sacred Arts Museum and Maderia story, but have friends coming soon and they would like to visit some of the museums and asked me which ones I would recommend, so would welcome your recommendations.



  • If you go to the tourist information centre near Blandy's wine lodge, you will get all the info on museums there. Not all have a charge, but you have missed the 'tourist' free day this year. Alternatively, many of the guide books list museums to visit.
  • The Madeira Story Centre is good. Tells you all about the history of Madeira.
  • take your friend to visit the nuns at calcada de santa clara in funchal,now is a school but has must beautifull chapel and courtyeard.
    go to quinta da bela vista, at buss n.32, the orquidfarm; lovelly place to spend a afternoon.go to porto da cruz the blandy have a distellary with best brandy to bring home.
  • what about the Flemish paintings museum next to funchal camara
  • Two more very interesting places:

    * The Madeira Theme Park (Parque Tematico) near Santana on the North East coast.
    This covers similar ground to the Madeira Story Center: there are several pavilions telling the the history of Madeira. This park is cleverly designed to entertain both children and adults. I visit with friends/family several times a year and still there are things I have not seen- so I don't get bored. Highly recommended for a half day visit.

    * The Caves and Volcanism Centre near S.Vincente on the North West Coast.
    See how Madeira and nearby islands were formed millions of years ago. An entertaining guided walk of 30 minutes through caves formed by lava flows, followed by a visit to the high tech volcanology museum. Allow 2 hours.

    5 minutes by car from the Caves is a recently opened museum about the history and use of limestone on Madeira:
    Good for a 30 minute visit, but there are extensive grounds with great views and therefore a good place for a pic-nic...

    It is possible to visit these places using the bus system, but hiring a car for a few days gives much greater freedom and allows you to see more of the rugged North coast of the island.


    Alex (a seasoned MADeir-o-file)?!
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