Dairy-free diet - can anyone translate for me please?

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I am visiting Funchal in the summer for a holiday.

Since my last visit I have discovered an allergic intolerance to dairy products, i.e. I now need to avoid eating any kind of dairy product, including milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese or any foods including dairy ingredients, including whey ...

My hotel is able and willing to supply soya milk for breakfast and drinks.
I am wondering how difficult it will be to eat in local restaurants?

I don't think Madeiran cuisine would naturally include a lot of dairy ingredients ... but butter may be a problem. I loved the steak sandwiches (prego na bolo?), for example, and the local garlic bread, which I imagine will now be off the menu.

I would like to take with me a printed card that I can give to the waiter in a restaurant that states clearly in Portuguese what ingredients I must avoid - I hope that would make life easier, but I can't do the translation myself.

I'd be most grateful for suggested wordings if anyone can help.

Thanks in advance!


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