Helpful Detective Required!

We are having a house built in Madalena do Mar or so we thought! We visited the house in May, spoke to the builder and agreed we would complete by October. He was to keep in touch and update us with photos. So far loads of excuses and no photos. If anyone in the area would like to take some photos of the house for us we would be extremely grateful, then we can see if work has progressed. Please contact us for details of position of house etc. Many thanks


  • oh dear ,another one!
  • Thanks for your reply, are there any builders in particular that you are refering to? Thanks
  • I would advise you to get on a plane,and see for yourself,as theres lots of biulders going down.
  • Can't come out till late August hence the request for photos. Can anybody help?
  • What does your lawyer say?
    Surely they can visit the site on your behalf?
    Or update you on the builders situation.
  • If you are that worried about your house project and have invested a fair amount of money into it, then really, you have no option but to come over and see the progress/or lack of.....for yourself. If some kind person reading this did, as you requested and went and took photos for you, and the progress was not as you hoped, what would you do then? Wait until august or ask someone else to deal with this for you? Your lawyer, should be working for YOU and should be dealing with any problems you may be having on your behalf, if you have instructed him to do so, but I am afraid, that relying on your lawyer to impart up to date information on your case can be frustrating as they just don't jump, when you snap your fingers, even if you are paying them to do so!
    My advice to you would be that if you have ANY concerns for your project here in Madeira, that you just cannot manage it from where you are located and you must find a way to come over and oversee the project or make sure your instructions are being followed as you agreed/paid your builder.....nip it in the bud now, before you find out further down the line that things are so bad that they cannot be resolved.
    On a happier note..maybe your builder has chosen not to keep you up to date of things in the hope of giving you a nice big surprise that your house will be finished by October and to a standard that far exceeded your expectations, so that he can gain confidence within a dwindling community of faith here on that front, coupled by the hope of a big tip!
  • As inconvient as it may be, you need to fly out and see what's going on. EVEN IF ITS FOR ONE DAY. If the builder has done nothing, then you can stop coughing up money and cut your losses. If progress is slow, then you can kick the builder up the back side. Hopefully things may be moving along.
  • Thanks everyone for your helpful advice, thankfully someone did take some photos for us which were very helpful and allayed our fears. Then yesterday the builder also sent us thirty photos, could've been due to the ansaphone message I left him on Saturday! Seems like we might be back on track at last. Once again thanks
  • Gail,

    You should still visit the property just to see the progress or get someone you trust to go to the property just to make sure.
  • Thanks for the advice, but the photos we've been sent do show quite a lot of work has been done to ours and the one next door since our last visit. Will be out in 5 weeks time and not paying any more money till completion hopefully in October. Thanks again, good to know there are lots of people in Madeira that are so helpful, look forward to moving out in a couple of years.
  • dera friend im from madeira living in uk.
    i have property in island but im sale and like to get a house or plot land in madalena or ponta do sol or or paul do mar how do u find your property?
    joao correia
  • Hi Joao, just contact the agent through Property Finder on this site, speak to Maria Do Ponte. We used them and can highly recommend their service.

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