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Am looking to move to Madeira from USA although I am a UK citizen. My visa has expired here and I do not want to live in UK.
I have limited funds until I can hopefully secure work and a place to live.
Can anyone give me advice on where to start - most jobs posted here are home based?
I know you will all think I am nuts cos I dont speak anything but English but I can work hard and willing to try learn the basics quickly.
I am 51 yrs age today but still way to go to my sell by date lol My last child turned 18 past April and I am looking forward to starting anew but been able to travel to visit UK and family.
Thank you for reading and any responses it may bring


  • If you look at other posts of similar stories, you'll find its very hard to find work especially if you are competing with locals. Madeirians are very protective of their own. You also may have issues with your age. No offense. The fact you don't speak portuguese only makes it tougher. Now in saying all of this, there are ex-pats that own businesses there that may hire you on. Unless you have a very special skill such as teacher, doctor, nurse, or other highly sought skill, I think you might want to re-consider. You could move there for a short time to test the waters before you sell and move everything you have first. Have a fall back plan. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Good Luck!
  • sorry disappointing you

    there are no jobs at all on madeira.

    it has the highest unemployment rate since II war.

    Many Ukrainians Russians, Georgians black from Africa and Brasilia are seeking any job and they speak Portuguese living there for many years or being from former colonies.

    the job picture is pretty black

    In your case no prospect at all

    I have talk to one Ukrainian lady- she cannot get even any service job like cleaning toilets in hotels.

    Generally speaking being 51 y old you can came here just as retire and spend your money instead to earn.

    if no money just forget it

    best luck

  • job here??? without Portuguese? It's easier to find snowman here then the job,you can forget,some time ago I had one offer-20 Euro for half day or 35 for full 10 h day of work....
    sorry,but if have no money behind you,better change your mind.

    Good Luck
  • thank you all for the responses although they are negative it is best to hear the truth. I am now considering my next port of call so to speak.
  • What skills you have?
  • Even though it does seem like jobs are scarce, what about self-employment or creating a viable business.
    See what kind of business opportunities exist in Madeira, and start your own.

    This would be the best option, me thinks.
  • many have try this

    not so many survived

    locals protect jobs by supporting local owners

    unspoken but going for ages contract

    best option one euro store
  • you must try, im from madeira living in uk. and been faced with the same problem here but if learn portuguese, make friends with the locals .
    I belive is better to try and take no notice.
    Joao correia
  • Hello! I am from India and I work in Russia as a yoga teacher. I'm thinking on moving to Madeira. Could someone please tell me, whether there are job prospects for me as a yoga teacher.
  • No prospect at all
  • I agree, we moved here from South Africa and my husband is from Madeira, but moved to South Africa when he was a baby. We have been trying to find work without any success. If anyone know of any job prospects for a female age 35 please let me know. I live in Gaula.
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