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I know there is are classes in Ribiera Brava, anywhere else in the Calheta area? I recently spoke to someone who said it is an incredibly difficult language and most give up-is this true?
Any intense classes for beginners to get started?


  • Hi Angie,

    it's not too bad to get the basics and start reading the local news.
    If you want to stay longer on Madeira you have no other choice ;-)

    Bom Sucesso
  • Hi Anton That's what I thought. I've been in a lot of situations here where nobody speaks a word of english-which is fair enough. And reading is not soooo difficult but the pronunciation is where I need help. Hence the need for a teacher :-)
  • Hi Angie,

    I'm new here as well and I was looking for Portuguese lessons in Calheta-unfortunately I didn't find anything,but a class in Ribeira Brava is not very far away from where I live -do you know where these lessons are?


  • Hi Rob,
    Yes I have friends already going to classes there and once I've cleared my life of guests and a trip to UK I'll start there as well.

  • These have now started in Ribeira Brava. There will be no lessons next week but will start again on Monday 12th at 1500 hrs.
  • Hey all,
    Just moved to Madeira and badly need lessons! Are the classes in Ribeira Brava free? How do you register? Does anyone know of any classes in the Funchal area?
    Thanks for your help!
  • Academia da Línguas da Madeira in Funchal:

  • Hi Nora,

    Yes, they are free, as are ones in Estreito if they ever get going.

    The ones in R.B. are excellent but I think would be somewhat overwhelming to a total beginner.

    There should theoretically be similar ones in Funchal, as they are organized as adult education by the school boards, but I am not aware of any.

  • HI there, my name is Irene Teixeira. I am here on what should have been a one month vacation and now i LOVE IT SO MUCH, i am staying till end of January. I do understand pretty well the language as both my folks were born here. Unfortunatly growing up and born in s.a I never spoke it, I am living in Bom Sucesso so would love to go for lessons here or anywhere in Funchal. Please be so kind as to let me know.

  • Try Rosetta Stone the language software.
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