rip off in Nuns Valley

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just last Friday I sent two of my friends for a day trip to Nuns Valley.

It was rainy day so they spent their time in local bars.

One chinesa coffee cost them three euros (in Funchal 60c to one euro)

total bill for eating/drinking almost nothing except coffee--- 17 euros!!!

They do not speak Portuguese and the owners pretend they do not speak English.

so they paid it and leave the premises with a very bad taste in their mouth

Just be careful going there or sending someone.


  • All the restaurants or bars and cafes in madeira must display a price list in the wall and also give you a receipt by law. If your friends said the permises and have a receipt you can go back and ask for the Livro de reclamacoes. The complains book that everyone must have. Also you will hear from the madeira trading standarts very soon. The restaurant will get in trouble and get a fine.
    You can get in touch with Minesterio da financas at Edificio 2000 oposite the dole vita shoping center and complain.
    All public places must have a complains book provide by the local autoryties,and if anyone not happy make a complain. If not complain people not improve the service industry.
    Im from madeira but living in uk for 21 years, everytime we go to madeira im always complaining about something my famely say to me im to english but madeirain been under a goverment regime for many years so fell that complaining dont help because must of island runs by friendships.
    Please dont just talk , do something about.
    Lots of locals thing that if you are a visitor maybe not see you again,so just take you money .
    Joao correia
  • all is fine

    the problem is lack of communication

    how can you ask for complain book if you do not speak Portuguese and the owner of the shop speaks no english

    they know that and play idiots
    Take notice when visiting any public service shop this book have to be on public display normaly in glass box with key.
    joao correia
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