Mens parfam made on the island

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I visied the beautiful island of Madeira in November 2009 and will be coming back. While in Madeira, I visted a shop that sold men's perfumes that were made in Maderia. I have a friend that will be visiting your island in the next two weeks and I have asked him to purchase the perfurme for me. All that I remember is that the name of the men's perfume is a year like "1889 or 1899" It was sold in a store next to a museum just a short distance from where your busses and open air tour buses stop to pick up passengers. Could you possibly proide me the name of the perfume before Wednesday January 13, 2010 since my friends leave on their trip on that date.


  • what musemum?
    we have several
  • The Cultural Museum. I have email access to my friends and can still advise them of the name of the perfume/men's cologne.
  • Could be Cerruti 1881 - a designer perfume available in all good department stores and airport duty free.
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