Abandoned kittens jardim do mar

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I was wondering if anyone can help as a cat owner myself i was sad to see 3 small kittens in jardim do mar with no mother.I have been told that the Mother cat is no longer around and the kittens are as you would expect very hungry.I have given Kitten milk but can not keep them as my 7kg Male Cat my be not happy about it and hurt them.The Kittens are very friendly and healthy and all Black in colour.
Can any give me some info on whats the best course of action , i have them warm and feed asleep in a box.
I would be gratefull for any help or advice


  • Well,it's very sad in deed,if you can't find anything for them,the only solution is SPAD in Funchal -where young kittens are kept for some time,until they find new owners.
  • Thanks Rob
    I feel this is the best course of action.
    Kind Regards
  • I know a woman in Machico whose cat gives birth to so many kittens that she puts them in plastic bags and leaves them in bins because she doesn't want too many cats! Poor kittens :(
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