Summer job 2011

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Hi, I'm an 18 year old girl living in England looking for a summer job in Madeira for summer 2011. I am free from the end of June until September. I understand Portuguese well although I don't speak it fluently. Are there any possible jobs in Madeira for me? Thanks


  • The only job you are likely to get is in timeshare, otherwise you will need to speak fluent Portugese. There are very few jobs available, especialy now with a recesion, many people are losing their jobs and a lot of Brits are returning to UK. Most jobs for non-Madeirans are only commission based so life can be very difficult if you do not have independant means, there is no social security available here unless you have been two years in employment here.
  • Hi
    is there any chance to work for a winery on the island? Maybe during the vintage picking grapes, or pruning. I have a bit of experience in the field
  • Have you found something yet?
  • nope i didnt really look because i don't think there are jobs available for people like me. i go there every year but have never seen or heard of people looking for jobs for teenagers from another country for just a couple of months. well actually, my cousin who goes to uni in portugal and comes to madeira for summer, and she got a job for about 3 months working on the porto santo ferry so this could be a possibility. but anyway i'm only going there for 5 weeks now so i won't apply.
  • Are you really sure you want to be earning about 2.50 euros an hour?
    It is seriously slavery work.
    I worked at a bar there for seriously only a week because I couldn't deal with it any longer.
    People I worked with making very silly comments and saying disturbing things and also just simply because the money was so low and even though I would get tips, I never received them.
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