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Believe it or not... if Cadastral cannot help me... who can?? They tell me that there is no diagram at their offices that can locate my pieces of land in and around Faja da Ovelha.

I have a Schedule of ALL the Artigo numbers as well as the names of the now deceased people bordering my properties which I received from the Municipality in Calheta

Ive contacted all the old folk in Faja Da OVelha to help me locate where my pieces of land are but they're all very elderly and cannot walk the mountains with me.

Any idea how I can locate these properties on Google Earth??

THanx all..


  • Hi Miguela,

    I would start "squatting your own land"

    Buy some farming material and at the best known plae start with farm work.
    If sombody tells you it`s not your land then aks him why?¿?

    Good luck
  • It's exactly what's happening in Madeira. People are finding out that the owners have been living overseas for ages - they then take over and start planting veggies etc and are selling them to the markets who in turn sell them to the shops. Its happening all over the island - the reason being my wanting to get all my lands marked on Google.

    Can anyone else be of any help??
  • Hi Miguela,

    we have been talking about your problem already in this board.

    It depends what your plans are.
    The pieces of land are very small and of no use or value unless you can use them for farming by yourself or sell them to another farmer.
    Another option would be to change them to get a greater piece of land. If it is farmland you cannot even build a house on it to sell to foreign residents.

    If the road construction of the Via Expresso is using your land you get almost nothing - not worth the effort.

    You can send me a copy of the documents to my email adress. I will have a look on it. It seems like a difficult puzzle :D

  • You got to understand this very clearly....

    Fajã da Ovelha does not have a Cadastral Map.

    Do you even know what a "cadastral map" means?

    If no cadastral map, no google map can help you either. Ridiculous to even consider google maps (except the satellite images). There are so many errors in google maps. Just the fact that you would even consider that would make anybody who knows how to do this and find things for you balk at trying to help. Even if paid.

    Your pieces of land can only be defined physically with the aid of the borders of your neighbours properties. If they have it defined themselves of-course, and so on.
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