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Hi there!

I am part of a charity in Madeira called AMA (Animais Madeirenses Abandonados) Abandoned Madeirian Animals. We basically rescue animals off the streets around Madeira and have found ourselfs taking in so many that need re-homing.
In able to re home them we sometimes are in desperate need of people to look after animals (Cats or dogs) only temporarly.
If anyone is interested in looking after a puppies, kittens, cats and dogs please let me know? If you have the space and time it would be a huge help just so they aren't in danger as we all know what the roads over there are like.

Thank you very much



  • can somebody also rescue us from the dogs constantly barking at our next door property. night and day - people in Madeira have no idea how to care for dogs etc, we feed two cats who don't belong to anyone, but the dog owners just keep them as a token and they are a noisy nuisance - try educating owners instead of rescuing dogs to annoy more residents,
  • perhaps you could adopt the strategy of my neighbour, who threatens dog owners with a screwdriver if they bark.

    "people in Madeira have no idea how to care for dogs etc" - what nonsense!!! There are always a few bad apples everywhere, but to tarnish all pet owners like that is just rediculous.
  • >When asked to quiet the dogs we were told to buy earplugs, this is not an isolated case 75% of dog owners in this street leave their dogs barking for ever...
    Don't see why I should move when I am not the one causing the problem . education is badly needed in Madeira.
  • Most people in Madeira see their dogs as a house alarm,. I quiet agree with you people in the island need more education, on taking respect everyone. I have a holiday let in Funchal, and the big complain in the vesitors book are noise from the dogs at night and also owners leaving dog mess everywhere.
    J Correia
  • Hi
    I love to come to Madeira and want to enjoy being part of the culture rather than just being a tourist. I have therefore come and done voluntary work in exchange for a room and maybe a little food. I have a dog of my own who I love to bits and would love to come and help you in the shelter if that would be possible. I normally can spare a week of 2 at a time as I work full time in England and can only come in my holiday. If you cannot use my help but know anyone else who would be happy to receive some work in return for a room then please let me know. All countries have people who treat animals badly my own country being one despite the majority of people having a love of animals. It is unfortunately part of every country all we can do is to be there to help and to educate in the hope of saving at least some of the animals have a better life.
  • Hi Holly

    Unfortunatelly times are hard too in madeira as the economic has affected them big time and hit them hard. It is great that you are whiling to volunteer to help just in exchange a room. That would be difficult as we do not have a shelter and have no idea when we will have one as lack of money. I know there is one called SPAD, but unfortunately I can tell you now they probably wouldn't help you out on this area, HOWEVER I think it is worth googleing them SPAD in Madeira and possibly asking them and seeing that they say as they might want some help.

    I could ask someone too for you and see what we could do. We aim to educate people on animal welfare over there as some lack on this knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you


    Yes it is a problem in Madeira because over there they seem to have it in their brains that dogs are there as guards to their properties. NO!!! they are not their to safe guard your property. I think this is extremelly sad that there are people that just put dogs on leads no longer than a metre or TWO with a tinny little house if they are lucky and some food that has been there for days. More importantly they get no attention or LOVE!!!

    Unfortunately I have family there that think this way and yet again I got laughed at when I rescued my two dogs which by the way are living a much better life here with me than with them. When I try and explain that these animals should not be kept in those kind of conditions I still get laughed at and ignored.

    We need to start to educate the children as that is a priority of the chairty I am currently involved in. I am also finishing off two websites and one will be a donation page where anyone around the world can donate as little as they like or as much to our charity and all donations will be used on animals and there will be proof of where the money is going to.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    we are urgently searching for help/advice regarding a kitty (male) that we wanted to save on Madeira. We found the cat in front of the Pestana Grand hotel, who was meowing at us and then cuddling with us but seemed quite skinny and hungry. We called SPAD to ask them how to adopt the kitty but unfortunately there was a vaccination that requires 21 days of quarantine and since we were flying back the next day, we were not able to take the cat with us. So we asked them later how else can we help the cat and they said "Well you can bring him/her to the shelter for adoption". So that´s what we did on 19.12.2012 and we also donated money to the shelter. Later on at the end of the day we had doubts about it after searching more info on the internet (non castrating of male cats there, or terrifying information abut having to put some animals down if there is not enough space ?!? Maybe they are keeping the cat in cages?). Therefore we want to help the cat to find an owner and help to get out him out of the shelter as soon as possible.

    PLEASE, HELP US TO FIND THIS AMAZING CAT AN OWNER. It breaks our hearts to leave him there.

    We will be very happy for any advice or sharing of this information. The cat is a young male, very sweet and cute. He is awaiting you in the animal shelter called SPAD, address is rua de Matadouro 10, FUNCHAL.

    He is registered under name CHRISSIE. We are also attaching photos of the kitty.

    Thank you so much in advance....

    Chris and Domi
  • This is a video of the cat that awaits you at shelter of SPAD, rua de Matadouro 10, Funchal.
    Please help us to find this cat a nice home.

    Link to see CHRISSIE the cat:

  • I do believe Madeira has animals like other countries who are abandoned. NOT EVERY ONE ABUSE ANIMALS. Because the Island is small, the problem is huge.
  • Very good said arumlilyplant. The people should be more educated by putting messages on the news papers, ore fliers on the trees. It has to be over and over to let people know animals do not have the fault, but unresponsible people do.
  • Hi guys!!

    The charity that I was part of fell through and they decided not to operate anymore.

    However on the up side I have just set up my very own charity, just received the business cards for it today, currently building the website and also facebook page and once I have got the copyright sorted I will be sharing.

    Obviously as this will be a charity donations will be heavily relied on, but I have faith.

    So far I have also volunteered at a local animal rescue shelter here where I live in the channel islands to gain a better understanding of all the work that goes in and around the kennels as my long term goal will be to build a rescue shelter in madeira but much bigger and better than the one they have at the moment & also I plan on changing some of the rules for example: no healthy animal will be put down and if there is anything we can do to make it better by buying medicine no matter costs.. we will 100% try our best.

    Re homing will be slightly stricter with home visits before and after adoption regularly and also the most important NEUTERING animals and EDUCATING children and also adults.

    Once this is all finished expect to hear from me with great news :) keep your fingers crossed please
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