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I am looking for someone in Madeira to do some house cleaning for my aunt who lives there. I would like references and also some idea of how much people charge per hour/per diem for cleaning. She lives in Funchal with her husband. Any help on this subject much appreciated. Janice


  • Hello Janice,

    I heard that for cleaning in Funchal needs to pay about 45 E / day.

  • Janice

    Do you have any idea of how many hours/days your Aunt would require a cleaner for and what type of cleaning would be involved. ie: washing/ironing/making & changes beds and would it also include cleaning windows etc?

    Also does you Aunt speak any English?

  • Hi im living in madeira and looking to earn some money , im a very clean tidy person and love house cleaning , i can do anything except ironing which im honest i hate..., if you would like to get in touch send me an email, im english and speak little portuguese, but would love to meet more english people over here.
  • I read in The Madeira Times a new company has started called Casa Care Company who clean houses and is run by an English lady, she's also looking for people to work for her. Her number is 965227393 maybe she can help
  • Hello Janine
    U still luke for samebody?
    Email me my sister live em Madeira shes luke for same extra money and shes very good in cleaner.
    Please sent u number the fhonne and i sent to her fhone the persson.
    Shes madeirense!
    All best
  • Hello Janice, I believe we spoke on the phone before but I would just like to say that we would offer a reliable honest service for your aunt if you would like to give us a chance. References can be provided for the company and the particular cleaner used. Ofcourse our standards are high but our fees quite low.
  • ola!

    Im cooming soon to madeira and i will be looking for work...

    Does somebady still is looking for some workers...

    thank you for anser!

  • I would also like to know what is a reasonable rate per hour for house cleaning.

    As I'm new to Madeira I have recently paid euros 15 per HOUR, but have been scolded and told that this is too high and that paying this much is artificially hiking up the rates for everyone.

    Any advice on this would be most helpful, I'd like to have someone in weekly but euros 15 per hour is too much for me on a weekly basis as I only have a (private) pension to live on.
  • If she is good, very good, maybe then. But €8 p/hour is reasonable. I know of people who pay €40 for a day's cleaning. Yes, shocking.
  • Thank you, that seems much more reasonable I wouldn't mind paying that sort of figure.
  • i my name is marcia i have 26 years old ,and i have experience like cleaner i can clean your house for 25 euros per day.
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