Masseur boy want to go to Madeira to live and work

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I am Daniel, a professional, qualified swedish masseur. My masseur experience is about 10 yrs. I am now 26 yrs old. My hands is very good. (very some people told to me. Thanks :P

I want to go to Madeira (i love it) to live and work. I interest to very some things.. My jobs in Hungary (i'm from) is video cutting, editing, (editing every thing) music composer, masseur, photographier, creating adwert films, digital photo album, etc...

The situation and politics in Hungary is a big nightmare and i say to myselft, thats is enough for me. :S

Who help to me for find a work in Madeira?


Regards, Daniel (


  • The job situation in Madeira is very bad, there are very litte opportunities and many companies closing down. You will need to be able to support yourself financially for (recommended) two years until you find if it will work for you.
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