UPVC windows wanted

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Can anyone suggest a supplier/fitter of UPVC windows and doors on the Island?


  • Pardon my ignorance, but what are UPVC windows? Are they the standard ones you see in all the houses here, or something different?
  • I guess they are pretty standard, I meant UPVC framed not wooden. I think they are aluminium with a UPVC coating which may be coloured or plain white.
  • Then you could try the same place that I suggested for the screens and have them all made together at once. Their prices are better than most places.
  • Thanks for that, I will certainly try Somuros.
  • Thank you Men89,
    it would be useful to know who "we" are lol !

    Since my original posting I have discovered that the doors I want to replace are in fact solid UPVC frames not Aluminium coated as I said previously. If your company supplies these I would be grateful for an address, email and phone number.
  • Fennelphile,

    There are a number of spammers on this site, who don't seem to get blocked by admin the way they should.

    It is possible that Men89 is one of them, so just a caution re any private messages (or public ones, although they are all innocuous, just a nuisance) you receive from that author.

  • Hi, we can send you ( from the UK ) any sized UPVC windows you require ...and made to any size .... Fitting could be arranged but obviously itwould be extra .....


  • Just for the record U.P.V.C. is (Ultra Poly Vinyl Coated) whatever ...normally aluminium profile but seeing solid Plastic that has great strength and of course doesnt rust, or needs painting and remains white even in bright sunlight ( Ultra violet stable )

    Trust this helps !!!
  • Thanks Quovadistamworth, sorry for the delay in replying but I didn't get an email informing me of your post for some reason.

    Your description sounds accurate, solid UPVC which doesn't warp or rust was the idea!

    This may have to go on hold until the spring now but I will certainly bear your offer in mind if we cannot find a reliable local supplier.
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