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Hello there!

I am a member in this forum. My partner Charles and I are looking to relocate to a nicer place than London. We did our researches in the Algarve but it's just not what we're looking for.

We are looking to buy a property: 4 bed / 4 bath / garden / area: Calheta.

If you know anything please let me know. But please not a project of 1 million or more.....

Thanks a lot!

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  • Oh dear!

    But thanks for the warning.
  • Hi Anton,

    Thanks for the warning!


  • Thank you very much for the link Andrew!

    Best Regards
  • Is Tony a licensed estate agent or does he charge a fee for consulting with people while they look for property?

  • He is not a licensed estate agent, he works with one who is. You have to be very careful about who you part your money too, there are many people on Madeira who jump on the band wagon and sell houses with out the correct licence. The safest way is to deal with agents who have offices and perhaps also work in several areas, or search the web. There are many established estate agent offices in Madeira, but just take care, many will only show you the property they want to sell so you have to be firm and insist on looking at what you want.
  • Tony may not be a licensed estate agent, however, Tony and Judith are straight forward people as I found out as I called them. But thanks for the advice about the agents themselfes. The first disappointment I had already. I wanted to view 2 properties with one agent.... one property is absolut perfect for us to a very good price. But this particular property is not available anymore because of divorce matters. I think I am not going to check the second one out. However: yes you are right. An agent will always try to sell you what HE want and not what you want.
  • hi from joao correia in uk
    try www.frescuradojardim ,or anibal talhadas estate agent at marina shoping center in funchal ,very nice couple with 30 year of trading in madeira property.

    joao correia
  • Thanks a lot Joao!
  • It is not recommended to work with Tony or Julia. Too many horror stories have happened here because of these type of unlicensed estate agents. Stick to those who stick to the law. That way you are always protected.
  • An interesting comment from Limbo (whoever he or she is). Must be close to libellous, without supporing evidence. I guess he or she has had a bad experience - but maybe is just a competitor in the field.

    Apart from Tony not being an 'unlicensed estate agent', the so-called licensed ones can be every bit as bad as suggested here. I have had experience of one who I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw her, and I know of others whose methods are far from straightforward.

    The best advice is make up your own mind - people disagree about different agents etc, so you have to talk with several and make a decision yourself about who you trust.

    By the way, I'd love to know who Julia is. Perhaps Tony hasn't told Judith about her. Oh, and Judith does rentals, she does not deal with house sales at all.
  • tony and judith are a lovely couple.
    joao correia
  • Boy how did this deteriorate into a discussion of who is nice?

    I think the discussion was about whether or not to use unlicensed real estate agents. Seems to me everyone is entitled to try and make a living, as long as it is legal, However, in many countries unlicensed real estate agents are not to be found and to let a newcomer know they exist here is only fair.

    The question for me is whether people know what they are getting into regarding what services they will be expected to pay for. A licensed agent is paid by the seller and a person can use their services without concern of being presented with a bill. There are other individuals who provide a valuable consultation service, and let people know what their service is and what it will cost.

    With all there is to sort out when going to a new country/culture, can we not let people know that this a choice they have here? Then they can make their own decision as to what services they want to use and where they want to spend their money.

  • Can you not read it says NO UNSOLICITED ADVERTISING
  • We are looking also for property in Calheta, detached 3 bed villa with views . I agree, stick to the liesenced agents.
    One question I have, and that is if you are with one agent and the perfect property listed with other agents, can the agent you are working with still sell you it?
    Also, is there any homes being sold privately without agents? Any websites? Might save alit of agency fees.
    Other areas we like is Ponta Do Sol.
  • Hi

    Just found your posting and wondered if you managed to buy a property on the west side of Madeira. We have a 3-bedroomed house for sale in Ponta do Sol with wonderful views that you might be interested in, if you didn't, and not through an estate agent either. Let me know if you're still interested - we are here on the island all the time.
  • Hello, Kathi

    I have some type T2 apartments in Calheta. Can I send you my email and talk over there and showed him the apartments.
    I must tell you that I also have 5 villas in funchal.

    best regards
  • Hello, Kathi

    I have some type T2 apartments in Calheta. Can I send you my email and talk over there and showed him the apartments.
    I must tell you that I also have 5 villas in funchal.
    best regards
  • We are considering selling our house at Canhas ( Ponta de sol) ... it has 4 bathrooms 5 bedrooms, 2 kitchens , 3 bathrooms , lounge and views over the valley and town . we havent made up our mind for sure, but if we did it would be in the region of £450,000 sterling .
  • Hello Kathy

    My name is Nuno Abreu and i am a licensed real state agent that work for Homesolutions and i have all the pleasure in helping you.
    If you reply me on my email then i send you photos and information from the options that we have to see if you like any of them.
    My email is nuno.telo.abreu@gmail.com and i will be wayting for your email.

    Best regards
    Nuno Abreu
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