Internet Zon Madeira or SAPO/PT/MEIO/TMN?

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Who gives a better service and value for money?
I have used Zon Madeira (cable) for the last couple of years. Internet only, since I do not need a land line or TV. I called Zon when I arrived on the
island to switch on my connection and switch off again when I left. While away I did not have to pay. Alas, by the end of last year (2012) Zon
suddenly changed the contract. Now I have to pay €15 a month whether I use it or not. Still a good deal perhaps, were it not that they now reduce my internet speed to all but useless for 24 hours after I have watched streaming video (Slingplayer) or BBC iPlayer for 1-2 hours.
I "abuse" the internet according to Zon. Effectively they cut my download speed from 12Mbps to 0.2Mbps after downloading 1.2Gb of data within 24 hours> Crazy!

Zon is happy to sell me a package costing around €45 which does not have such severe restrictions, but I think that is very expensive for a lot of stuff I do not need (TV, telephone). SAPO/PT/MEIO/TMN start at around €27 per month which includes an (unneeded) land line.

It looks like the merger of SAPO/PT/MEIO/TMN has killed off any competition between internet service providers and leaves only Zon Madeira if you can get cable.

So, would I get a better service from SAPO/PT/MEIO/TMN? I have been told in a Worten shop that SAPO/PT/MEIO/TMN do not use Traffic mamangement, i.e. no limitation on the amount you can download or the speed. Is that true?

Any opinions?




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