External hardwood doors

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Does anyone know , where to get from external quality, hardwood doors ? I have already tried a few placeds like AKI, Maxmat & Casa Santo Antonio .....
unfortunately they simply don't stock them.

Thanks for any help :)


  • Hello Rob,
    I'm an architect and for our projects, we simply have them made by the carpenter. If you want, I can give you a few contacts.
    Best regards,
  • Hi Rob,

    Most wood products on the island are sourced from a "wood store" in Camara de Lobos. I know how to get there but not well enough to give you directions. Near the concrete works and not difficult to find once you know roughly how to get there.

    However if you ask any carpenter how to get to the wood store in Camara de Lobos they would be able to give you directions.
  • Many thanks for your help, I went already to three different joiners, they quoted me for hardwood doors about 3-4 times more then UK price .......
    I went to the wood store in Camara de Lobos - they have some external doors in stock , reasonably priced :) OK, maybe the choice isn't huge , but so far that's the best place that I went.

    Thanks again

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