Anything you need !!!

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We are based in Madeira and UK and travel to and thro quite a lot .... If you need anything special or hard to get or hard to find then let me know and I will try and get it for you .....



  • Hello!

    Were you replying to somebody specific or posting this to the general audience?

    I ask this since I am looking for Sichuan Pepper, Chinese 5 spice and Garam Masala spices which are near impossible to find on the island.

    - Limbo
  • I will certainly have a look for you and feed back with costs and availability ..... Yes I can normally source most things for people as I know it can be quite hard to get things on the island ....(but it is getting better)


  • Sichuan Pepper
    25 g £2.50
    227g £11.95

    Chinese 5 spice
    200g £4.50

    Garam Masala spices
    100g £1.99
    400g £6.50
    5kg £69.95

    All plus postage or for small quantities I can bring over in December FOC

    Trust this helps ....
  • hi limbo,we got spare indian spices various types which i am happy to share,i feel as if i have a lifetime supply as we only use a pince of it at a time
  • Thanks for the replies. What had happened in the meantime is that I found an online store in Lisbon that has nearly everything we need:

    I have bought quite a bit from them already.
  • What is the maximum weight of items you can bring from UK?
    Many thanks
  • Soory for the delay in replying .... what do you need shipping .... ?? we can ship virtually anything

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