Wifi in my holiday rental?

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I like to have wifi on my property in funchal .
Do i need to have a telephone line contract/landline?
Lots of my guests now ask for internet service, i rent my property on weekly basis.
I like to know more information please if theres anyone to help us.
A big thank you.
J correia


  • Yes you do. You will need internet access with a WIFI modem.
    I assume there is no cable in Madeira so it would come via the telephone line.
    Another possibility would be by satellite dish. Again not sure if its available.
    I just use a dongle as I'm only over about 6 or 7 times per year, so a phone line would be a waste.
  • thank you Madmick.
    I feel that im losing bookings by not having internet on the apartment.
    I rent to lots of people from around the world and all are happy by use a dongle but people from uk dont like, and demand WIFI in the permises.
  • There is cable on the island depending on where you are. I would think there would be in Funchal. There is a website that tells you where cable is available, but I don´t have the address.
  • Here is another possibility for you to look at. It avoids the need for a telephone line. This is what I have in the UK and I don't see why it would not in Madeira. Personally I have bought an unlocked HUAWEI E586 3/4G MIFI device. This is a device which connects to the mobile network with a data SIM. It then gives a connection to up to 5 wifi devices. You will then need to get a data SIM for it.
  • Hi Joao,

    if you want to have happy customers you should install an internet WiFi router with cable, like zon or netmadeira.

    internet via mobile network is more frustrating than satisfying.

  • Hi
    I have nook where i buy books to read.
    I wonder can i buy books in Europe to read on my nook?
    Please can you tell me anything about this?
    thank you
  • I'm do not know how to have wifi .. although I've read your rely.
  • Ok
    I have a nook tablet which is afiliated with a book store
    I order books which automatically is transfered or dawnload to the nook.
    My question is, do they use those nooks in Madeira too?
  • My topic gone out the window.haha
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