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I currently live in Canada. I have given alot of thought about moving to madeira. Both my parents imigrated to canada in 1974, to start a new chapter in their life. My husband and i would like to start a new chapter in our lives and move to madeira. I just don't have an understanding on how to arrange to find employment, or how to get an opinion from someone who lives on the island on whether our decission is going to be a good one. I've searched for chat rooms but i've been unsucessful. I have met alot of maderiense's here in Canada, but i see them as all canadaianized. If anyone can help me in any way i'll be waiting. I would also like to know if there is any way i am able to speak with anyone one on one like in a chat room or emails.
Thank you Nanci


  • Hi Nanci,

    Go for it, my wife and myself have been to Madeira twice on holiday and fell in love with the place. We hope some day to pack our bags and move to Madeira, we wish you all the best if you decide to move let me know the outcome.

    From Scotland.
  • If you are considering moving to madeira there are a few things that you need to adjust yourself to. firstly you must remember that Madeira is an island and you won't have the resources that you have in a big city. That said, you may find Madeira some what as a culture shock if you are not prepare to adjust to the pace etc... With regard to employment on the island you are slightly limited that's not to say that you will not find work. In general my best suggestion is that you focus on your area of expertise and see what company will best suit you. As you may well be aware the main source of income on the island is in tourism. Other areas of work for foreigners are the offshore management companies that are currently operating on the island and are always looking for outside skills. One thing that you should bear in mind is that salaries in Madeira are significantly lower to continental Europe. This is not to say that everyone earns poorly in Madeira as there are some top earners on the island.
    These are the practical issues that should form part of your decision.
    On the other hand Madeira is certainly amongst the most beautiful islands in the world. Funchal bearly has a winter and more often than not you can enjoy great weather all year round. Madeira is reletively crime free and you certainly won't have the stress and strain associated with a big city.
    Being within close proximity to contential Europe you have access to a number of European destinations.

    I wish you luck in your decision. And the best advise that I could give you would be to Prepare and Plan your move in Advance. You if wish to contact me my email address is rob@netmadeira.com


  • A book I found very useful:
    Buying a home in Portugal, by David Hampshire ,ISBN 0 9519804 5 9
    Available from : Survival books Ltd London
    Email: survivalbooks@computronx.com Web site: www. computronx.com/survivalbooks
    This book discusses buying a home but has lots of other info such as Banks/Finance/Insurence/lawyers etc.
    Good luck!
  • Hi,Nancy How are you?
    I just want to tell you that I was Born in Madeira and when My mom died we came to Canada, and it was the best thing that we could of done. But on the other hand my sister wanted to go back so she did.
    She has been there for 7 years, married and a little girl.
    She just came here this here for my son's baptizim and now they are thinking in comming here.
    She says that life there is so hard to live.
    I think my opinion would be think before you make a huge move.
    It's true Madeira is the most beautifull place, but not to live tha's coming from my sister mouth.
    only if you are a doctor or something like that.I went there after 11 years and of course it was the most beautifull place.
    I do still have my grandparents there and the hole side of my mom's family.
    My husband went to the store with my granpa to buy toothpast and he could not believe how expensive it was. Of course i will go back there to visit but not to live.
  • Carla

    I do disagree with you, toothpaste expensive in Madeira you gotta be kidding. If you think life is expensive in Madeira, your better try living in the UK, that's what you call expensive.

    It's expensive to go to Madeira on holiday in terms of flights and accomodation, but once you get there things like food and drink are very CHEAP, so don't really know where you got that one from.


    If your dream is to move in Madeira go for it girl, because that's what I plan to do in a few years time, Madeira is the most peacefull and laid back place in the world.

    Of course when you move to a different country, you must bear in mind that the place you moving too it's not like the big city where you used to live, one thing is for sure once you go Madeira you will always want to go back.

  • hi Nanci .I am happy to hear you think to livi in madeira .
    Madeira is nice ,pretty etc,but madeira haven`t everthing, many thing there missing , that why many madeirense are emigrents they want to back , but because they livi better in other country they don`t back.
    I think you should try, will be hard but you will enjoy. Go there 3 ou 6 moths and try if you real want to go to madeira you must go and try , aways you can back to your contry.
    and don`t forget you must go now while you still young.
    all the best and good lucky
  • To all those who wish to live in Madeira permanetly remember that it is different than having a holiday there and the beauty of the Island will soon fade away as the daily struggle of living a local life on a local wage will soon dominate your life. If you are wealthy or retired and plan to just enjoy life withount working there OK otherwise do what(FRANCISCO) says.Try it for six months before you commit yourself tottaly.
  • Hi,

    My husband and I are thinking of moving to madeira.We have a 3 year old son and since we want to try it out first I will be going with my son before my husband so that he doesn´t give up his job in vain incase things don´t work out.we would like advice on where to find cheap rooms to rent in a well situated area near a pre-school, so that I can start my research on the island and if anyone can give us some tips and advice on anything at all about moving to madeira we would really apreciate it.

  • Very nice way... thanks for all sharing because i know this is useful for me right now
  • You are very good at your explanation ROB about Madeira. You are correct about the information that you are given to that lady. Wow
  • Hello! I am from India and work in Russia as a yoga teacher. I've been thinking of moving to Madeira and settling there. Could somebody please tell me, about work opportunities in Madeira as a yoga teacher. I am 46 years old.
  • Wow thank you saying good about my Island. Yes Madeira is small and there are still people that live there and has a good life. I was there and i thought the price of the food is very good. Great olive oil is so cheap. WOW i love it. I am from the great town of ST Antony. When i go to church there, i can not stop looking to the mountains on the side of the church. I am in deep love with those mountains. Yes i am in love with that island.
  • Hi,

    Both my father and grandfather were born in Funchal, Madeira. Sadly, my father passed away last year and my grandfather passed away two years ago at the age of 92. My mother was born in Angola and I was born in Namibia but moved to South Africa approximately 1977 and became a citizen by naturalisation. I'm now 44 years old and want to apply for my Portuguese citizenship.

    My father and grandfather were also South Africans citizens since approximately 1977, although my grandfather was also a registered Portuguese citizen in Portugal. My mother on the other hand is living in Pretoria as a South African citizen since 1977 as well. None of her documents (ie: birth certificate, marriage certificate and Angola citizenship) can be found.

    My mother doesn't have copies and Angola claims that most archives were destroyed during the 20 year civil war. Of these being my mothers/parents. All that I have from my mother is 'Certidão de narrativa completa de Registo de Baptismo' which was faxed through from Angola a couple of years ago.
  • Hi Rob

    What you just said is true, I am a former South African living in Madeira. The plus point in living here is that it is almost crime free and my children enjoy a more free life. The bad thing about Madeira is that me and my husband are unemployed. Work is very difficult to come by, but we are still hoping for the best. All I am saying is weigh all the pros and cons before moving here.
  • I am an 84-year old single American gentleman, have no family, and am considering making a permanent move to Madeira, and would appreciate comments and/or suggestions from others. I'm in good health, do not have a lot of money but do have a good retirement income. I speak only English.

    Am I out of my mind?
  • why do you want to live and to die on Madeira?

    it is a good place to do so . . .

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