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Hi All

would love any info on the golf in Madeira. We are planning to move to Madeira in 2/3 years and both of us play golf. Are there any golf societies on Madeira? Would love to know if you can get subsidised golf etc. Also what are the membership costs?

Both courses look lovely, researching on the web, but first hand experience is invaluable.

Also has anybody experience of living in Santa Cruz, it looks lovely and we thought his would be a good location for us.



  • The golf courses are very high up so many times are in cloud and mist, also cold. The sites used to display charges , which are very high, I do not think there are subsidies.It is possible to ring them for more informatiom contact details are on their websites. Why not take a holiday and check them out for yourselves. Santa Cruz is a nice village, close to the airport with limited bus service to the city. Fairly quiet with nice promenade walk and a couple of jotels.
  • thanks arumlily

    The golf doesn't sound too good, I haven't heard reports before of the mist etc so really needs checking out when we visit.
    If there are any regular golfers on the forum I would love to hear your views.
  • I've visited both courses, but not played yet. It is quite expensive, but they do special offers. They do get mist sometimes, but then that is to be expected. Look on the webcam that they have on the course.
    Sunny and bright at the moment.

    I prefer Santo da Serra, the views are magnificent.

    Palheiro's views are still superb though.

    I assume you know they are building a new course at Ponta do Pargo?
    Mind you it will probably be years before it's open.

    Don't forget they have a Madeira Open in May, so it cant be that misty. :)
  • With all the finacial problems Madeira is faced with, I don't think there will be a Golf Course in Ponta do Pargo so soon.
  • Thanks for the reply mad Mick, the courses do look lovely and I will check out the web cam. Do you live full time on Madeira? It will be 2/3 years before we can retire and hopefully move to Madeira. Is the cost of food etc similar to spain and UK, we have not found much difference after living in Spain for 2 years and then moving back to Scotland. If you try out the golf courses I would be interested to hear your feedback! I am a higher handicap (newcomer) but my husband is 13, but as long as there is not too much 'carry' from the tees i usually give him a good challenge!

    Always looking for info on settling on madeira!
  • No, but we have a holiday home in Estreito da Calheta. As far as food goes, it depends what you eat. If you buy local you can live cheaper than the UK. But if you want all your branded UK food than its very expensive. The supermarkets are great and you can get most things you need cheaply in my opinion. Local wine can be very cheap as well. :)
    You are right Biaria, it is likely to be a long time before we can tee off in Ponta da Pargo. It's a shame because its only a few minutes from Estreito. :(
  • Hope the golf course never gets completed in Ponta de PArgo, it is a disgrace that people have to be turned out of their homes for the sake of something that is not really needed.
    Living in Madeira as already said, can be cheaper than UK but remember that most of our needs are imported and are more expensive than mainland Portugal. I think the cost of living will increase considerably over the next few months, petrol is already gone up by a lot which will have a knock-on effect on everything, taxes are increasing and the annual tax return is going to be changed so that the allowance for pensions is decreasing with less things (medical care,rentals etc) to off set. You have to arrange for all income to be paid in full and has to be declared for tax purposes. You have to apply for residency and then register for tax. If you don't get your income paid gross you run the risk of double taxation. Even if you think you do not qualify for tax you have to complete a tax return or risk the cost of a fine. The life here is great the climate (as long as you don't live too high) is very good.There is a lot of bureacracy to deal with, though. Cars are expensive to buy but apart from petrol, running costs are much lower than UK. The local bus service is good, Over 65's bus passes cost €21 per month,as from next month but if you use them frequently still good value. Hope this all helps you. My suggestion also would be, don't buy until you have lived here a while as you need to get used to the area and if you buy and don't like the area, you are stuck with it. Rentals are easy to get and can cost from about €300 per month. I would be very reluctant to return to the UK, life here suits us but be aware that living in a new location is very differant to being on holiday.
  • Santa Cruz is a nice village, close to the airport with limited bus service to the city. Fairly quiet with nice promenade walk and a couple of jotels.
  • Played golf last week at Santo da Serra, was smashing weather and course is superb, but as you can imagine very hilly.
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