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My great-grandparents were born in Funchal, Madeira in 1870 and 1875 and then traveled to Hawaii when they were 14 and 9 yrs. old. I have no idea if they had any brothers or sisters left there. He changed our last name to Perry from Pereira. I am wanting to know where the best place to go and do some research while we stop there on a cruise on May 6, 2005. If anyone has any information to share I would really appreciate it. Thank You


  • The best place you can go is the arquivo in Funchal. I went there and found all the records i needed. I have a bit of helpful info on my webpage:-

    any probs feel free to e-mail me

  • I have no idea where to start. I visited Madeira 18 yrs ago with my husband and daughter. At the time I had no info on when my grandparents left the Island. Since that time I found this info: They arrived in the Territory of Hawaii on 9/13/1899 leaving from Madeira on the S.S. Victoria. My grandfathers name was Antonio Paulo Rodrigues and my grandmother was Maria de Souza. Antonio was born in 1874 and Maria was born in 1876. They had a 3yr old daughter, Evangelina, when they left the Island.
    Is there a web site in Funchal where I can order birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.
  • My grandfather was born in Funchal, Madeira on July 15th, 1884. Where can I apply to obtain his birth certificate? I live in Trinidad.

  • I like to get my family tree

  • My mother, Ezaura Pestana (daughter of Jaoa Eduardo Pestana and Christina Vasconcelas Pestana) was born in Madeira October 22, 1907 (?), probably Funchal. I will be arriving in Madeira on Sept. 22, 2005 with hopes of doing some family history exploration.

    Where should I go to find records of birth and their immegration to Hawaii?

  • Hello Mike,

    I saw your inquiry about your grandparents on the Madeira- Island site and wonder if you had any success with your family history search when you were in Madeira?

    I also am from HI (Kapahulu, Oahu) and will be going to Madeira next month and hope to find some information about my family.

    I know they immegrated on the SS Swanley in 1909 and have sketcy information from visiting with my mother and two of her brothers who are now deceased.

    Any leeds regarding where to look would be helpful



  • I'm trying to get birth records of both my great grandparents that were born on madeira. MOst of the websites I find are in portuguesse. If I give info to someone that can read portugesse, would they mind searching for me?\\
  • Dear Mrs. Holcombe.....I've attempted to send you an e-mail with information from the manifest of the S.S. Victoria and your grandparents...without success.
    Do you have a new e-mail address?? Sánchez,,,,San José, California
  • trying to find the family of my late father Joao Gomes deFreitas Ramalho born in Madeira in Monte I visit Madeira yearly Thanks for any help I can find Ana

    The link above is the FAQ section of the Regional Archives in Madeira. It will show the web page in English if you click the link at the bottom of the page.

    I'm trying to get birth certificates and hopefully can do this without spending thousands of dollars traveling there! :)

    I'll try to post later and let you know if I succeed.
  • Hi Yvonne, I Have a Great Uncle: William Gomes, passed away 1986, no DOB, married Lena Ferro and had two children Amy Gomes and Veronica Gomes.

    Did you come across this name in your research in Madeira at all?
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