Wedding in Madeira

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We have decided to have our wedding in Madeira. My fiancé is from Lisbon but we currently leaving in the Uk. We will like to have a church blessing but because we are apostolic, we are unsure how to go about it since most of the churches are catholic. Any advise on this?

Also the big issue of venue is driving me insane! I can't find an affordable venue and will appreciate any suggestion. We plan to have a guest list of max 60. Is there anyone out-here who can suggest venues for wedding parties? I was hoping it will be somewhere close to the beach or with see view.




  • Calheta Beach Hotel sounds ideal.
  • Thanks MadMick, will check it out now.
  • you can have your wedding blessing at the English Church in Funchal, it welcomes all denominations.
  • Thanks Arumlilyplant, I have contacted them and still waiting for a response. They are the only English speaking non-catholic church in Madeira?
  • I think so, there is a small Scottish Church near Municipal gardens but I know nothing about it.
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