shipping to Madeira

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Does anyone have experience/advice on economical shipping from the UK to Madeira. I have about half a container's worth of mostly books and other small household equipment - no furniture. Many thanks Colin


  • Reading your other posts re locating to Madeira - if you have half container of books etc, what do you plan to do with them because seriously you will not have enough space for storage in a 2 bed apartment. If the move is not going to be permanent, it may be better to bring what you need and storage the rest.
    If you are only relocating for 1-2 years, make sure that you apply for residency after 90 days and register for tax with the authorities ( legal requirements) You should also register with the British Consule here. You will also have to make sure that any income that you have is paid gross otherwise you will pay tax twice. Even if you have no income, (unlikely) you still have to complete a tax return, the tax year here is Jan to Dec and if you fail to complete a return you will be fined approx €50.
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