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Hi there !

Im Margarida, 21 and have been thinking of moving to Madeira to live and work for a while, so would like to meet people from there around my age that speak english even though im able to speak and understand some portuguese !

Looking forward to hearing from you soon !!

Thanx !


  • Hi there Margarida,
    my daughter is moving to Madeira with us in June, maybe you could meet up. She is 20 and a singer.
  • Hi there Gina !

    Thanx for ur reply !

    That sounds realy great, so, where about are you all moving from ?
    Whats ur daughters name ? And what type of music does she sing ?
    Does she ever come on this billboard sight ? cos then maybe we could chat about all sorts of things, especially Madeira !

    Well, pls keep in touch !
  • Hey margarida!
    Its lauren here (gina's daughter!). We are moving from kent so it's gonna be a pretty different lifestyle to the one we are used too, but i am bored of england, am ready for a new challenge! As my mum said i'm a singer. I sing all kinds of different music from pop to country, from 1940's songs to todays music...lots of variety! what do you do for a living?? When are you moving to madeira??
    keep in touch
    lauren x

  • You could also try joining MADS, the Madeiran amateur dramatic society. They are currently putting on Oklahoma, and most of their productions involve lots of singing and dancing. I'm sure they could use some more talent.
  • Hey Lauren !

    Thanx for replying !

    I work in an italian restaurant here in manchester at the moment, they have this 60,s theme going on so they play music from the 60,s all day, which is nice cos im crazy abt 60,s music, country music is also nice, im the only one in my family that listens to it though !
    I planning for July some time to move , what abt u ?
    Im having so much fun here in england, so dont know how u can be bored of it, but i guess its cos uve been here for much longer !
    So have u ever been to madeira before ?
    why the change ? and what made your pairents pick madeira ?

    keep in touch !
  • Hi again margz!
    Thanks for your reply. We are hoping to move to madeira in june sometime, but not altogether sure!
    As for england, i'm bored of it because the weather is soooo dreadful! There is a huge amount of crime and lets face it its a really filthy country!! Don't get me wrong, i do have fun down here in kent, the nightlife is great for instance, but as i said i'm ready for a new challenge!! How come u are moving to madeira??
    I have been to madeira three times now, and i love it more and more each time! We have made some friends over there already which is a good start!!
    The reason we chose madeira is because we had heard really lovely things about it. We went on holiday there, fell in love with the place, and the rest (as they say) is history!!
    Its a big change, but I think it will be a fantastic experience! How about you, are you looking forward to the move???

    stay well!
  • Hey Lauren !

    Sorry for taking so long to reply, but work has been getting the better of me these days !

    One thing, youre right about the weather here, it is dreadful but also very wierd, just in the past week its been a mixture of worm sunny days and then cold windy days and then ofcourse the worst rainy days !

    But dont worry, once you get to Madeira that will all change cos youll be surrounded by sun, more sun, and even more sun, so something to look forward to !
    Cant wait myself, change of plans though, will only be able to go in early Augest, but hey, better late than never ! But yes, theres no doubt that im looking forward to the move, think about it every day !!

    Well the main reason for me moving is cos my pairents for some reason would be more at ease if i was living and working in Madeira rather than England cos i have lots of family there and i guess its also much safer cos of all thats going on in the world at the moment ! But, the reason i want to go is cos i just cant get enoughf of the island, i just love it to peaces and i thing it would be realy interesting giving it a go, i mean "if not, why not", right ? You only live once and theres a whole world to see so might as well start now !

    So, where will you be staying in Madeira ? And do your pairents know where they will be working ? What are you thinking of doing when you get to Madeira, study or work wise i mean ?

    Anyway, take care and keep in touch !

  • Hi margz,
    just replying for now as Lauren has not seen this post.
    The bulletin board was not working properly so she could not reply.
    I will get her to write tomorrow.
  • Hello, my name is Tony; I'm also going to Madeira in June on vacation, so maybe we could meet; I'm staying in Caniço for 2 or 3 weeks;
  • Hi there!
    It sounds as though everyone is planning to have a fantastic time this summer! My boyfriend and I are also heading for Madeira in the upcoming months - we are going under the guise of having a holiday but are actually considering a move and really want to check out the job market. If any one who is familiar with the island could give me some info. on what kind of jobs are available, (if any!), and what the cost of living is roughly - I would be very grateful! Also what hope would we have of employment without speaking Portuguese?
    Looking forward to hearing from someone,
  • Hi margz!
    Its lauren here, many apologies for not replying sooner! I have been so busy, what with moving to madeira and things like that. We were out there not so long ago actually, for a week just sorting a few things out- places to rent etc etc. Anyways had a fab time, i love it more and more everytime i go back. Have made a few friends out there so alls good on that front!
    The place we are planning to stay in madeira will probably be Ponta De Sol, or at least somewhere around that area.
    As for when i get to madeira, i'm a singer so it shouldn't be too hard to find work over there since every hotel seems to have singers! I'm qualified as a nail technician and i do waxing and tinting as well so who knows what i will end up doing over there?!! What are u planning on doing over there- workwise?? What part of the island are you planning to live in when you get over there?
    Take care
  • Hello all,

    Just a quick question for all the English whom love Madeira so much & plan to live there. Are any of you fluent in Portuguese and if not do any of you plan on learning the language?

    Boa noite,
  • Hi, I just read your thread of messages - I too am moving to Madeira from Kent, although it is taking longer than I wanted - I went on holiday there in April and fell in love with it - I am fed up with england as well. I am very scared of the prospect of ditching everything and moving but, well others have done it and I want to. I am trying to learn portuguese and its nao muito facil all the pocco words e o um so on I cant remember. I would love to know where you are planning to go and what you are planning to do. Or if you have gone there yet.

  • To Jose,
    In reply to learning portuguese, most definately we are going to learn it, we have rented a house from a wonderful man who does not speak a word of english, in a part of the island which does not speak much English, but best of all we have a little bar right across the road from the house, they also only speak Portuguese. Gonna love every moment making complete fools of ourselves!! But given a couple of YEARS we will prevail!!
  • Hello adele
    Can understand why you would want to leave kent. It used to be lovely but its just gone downhill rapidly. I must admit i am pretty apprehensive about the move as well, but being 20 i figure it won't be difficult to make new friends, and i'm just looking forward to a new life! Yes portuguese is difficult to learn, but i find i understand it so much better when i am out in madeira... its a nightmare trying to learn it from the phrase books and stuff. Basically i have picked up my (limited) portuguese by listening to the madeirans talk. Its the only way i've found that works!!
    bom dia
    Lauren x
  • I'm learning Lauren and Gina, but more than 6 months down the line here is my progress:

    Speaking - slow but coming on
    Reading - pretty good [best aspect]
    Making myself understood - reasonable
    Understanding Portuguese speak - hopeless

    If I was starting again I would definately take lessons, but as you have a family moving perhaps you could do this for all of you to make it worthwhile.

    See you soon

  • To all our English friends,

    Welcome to madeira and for those of you whom are trying to learn Portuguese.,good for you & best of luck!

    Adeus, Joe
  • I'm younger 17, live in madeira for over 11 years, was born in South Africa... sheara@netmadeira.com
  • HI there,

    I am 21 years old and from England. I am currently living in Dubai and me and friend plan to move to Madeira as we love it. I was just wondering if it is difficult for English girls (who do speak little Portugese) to find any work in Madeira? ? Please Help!!
  • It´s very difficult to learn to speak portuguese, but there is the Cambrige School in Funchal as well as other learning institutions;
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    Hey, I live and work in Madeira, It would be nice to get to know other English talking people that live on the island.
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