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  • Academia da Línguas da Madeira in Funchal: see:
  • katriona: i don't know if it's too late but i would recommend you São Vicente in the north Coast and Jardim Do Mar or Paul do Mar in the South Coast. And beware that surfing in Madeira is only for pros. It can be really dangerous due to big rocks …
  • mihkl: you can swim perfectly at December but i wouldn't recommend it to say in the water for more than 30 minutes. But that it's me talking that only likes swimimg in a 23-24ºC water in the summer. ;)
  • His old house was in Funchal in Santo António but i think that house was demolished. I think he build a new house but i don't now where.
  • Vodafone and Ernst & Young i think are english companies. Vodafone has a lot of sucess, everyone has a cellular phone (or 2 or 3 :D).... Ernst & Young has his office in Rua Fernão de Ornelas near the Jornal da Madeira.
  • Macedogilhino is just one of the thousand trolls that exist in the Internet. Probably he's just a lonely guy trying to get some attention in the Internet since in real life he is a loser spending all his time at home looking at his pc and masturbati…
  • at least they play good music...
    in noisy clubs Comment by Balrog March 2007
  • 1. Vai lha ter (Go there!) 2. Ca cagança (Arrogant) 3. Arrenca () 4. foxgegas () 5. Então era isse (So that was it) 6. Ah cãoo (wow) 7. Eita (wow) 8. Mãe do céu (Dear mother of heaven) 9. Rafeirada (kitsch) 10. Vais ir ? (Leaving so soon?) 11. Olha …
  • wow... almost all topics in this forum are related to animals... don't get me wrong i'm total against it but i think that are other priorities... it's a pity that dogs can't take care for themselves but cats sure can...
  • Academia de Línguas da Madeira
  • The English are just bad loosers. You lost because Portugal was better not because of Ronaldo. England only defeated Portugal on 1966!
  • Of course they sell Ipod's. If they are cheap or not for you i don't now.For example an Ipod with 1 GB, it's around 160€,but probably you can find a cheaper one.
    in IPOD Comment by Balrog June 2006
  • Yes, you could use a 3G conection but i think is only available in Funchal. In TMN for example you pay € 28,42 for a 384Kbps connection or € 37,92 for a 1.8 Mbps. the options are: TMN: VODAFONE:…
  • Yes, you must pay 15€ monthly just for the telephone. For the internet you could pay €24,99 monthly and you get a 512kbps / 128kbps line, or €35,58 for a 4096kbps / 256kbps line or €49,50 for a 8128kbps / 384kbps line. The more you pay, more bandwit…
  • Yes, 12 months if i'm not mistaken. If you quit the contract earlier you must pay the remaining months. I recommend Sapo ADSL because i'm one of the "download freaks" :D.
  • Netmadeira is pure shit. I recommend Sapo ADSL. No download limit and always excelent speed.
  • The wi-fi spots are free and a login is not needed. They are only available in the are areas designated in You may also use, some free computers with internet connection. See:…
  • If you have a laptop there a few free wifi spots in Madeira:
  • In madeira there are few options to have internet acess: - Use dial-up, you get 42Kbps max speed and pay the connection time, the more time you're connected the more you pay. The cheapest is ONI To gain acess you must regsiter online b…