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  • If you asked for "cebolinhas novas" no doubt they looked at you in a strange way. As far as I know they are called "cebolinho".
  • Strawberry World wanted to take over the world - they should have known better. The highest the jump, the hardest the fall! Unfortunately, lots of people coming to Madeira are now in an unpleasant situation. As the hotels didn't get their pay from …
  • He means Civil Registry. Marcos, I'm sorry I can't help you, but you probably can get that information from Loja do Cidadão.
  • Hi verbatim, You can get a laser pointer from a Chinese Shop.
  • Hi verbatim, It's in Rua Fernao de Ornelas, 56. Rua Fernao de Ornelas is the one that's staight ahead of you, as you come out through the Market's main entrance.
  • Wow, great find tobiinmadeira! And what about all the other taxi drivers in Madeira?
  • I found the following info: I would call first "Delegacao Aduaneira das Encomendas Postais (Lisboa)" ( the second set of numbers) as it's related to …
  • Maybe only the priest speaks English
  • By contacting the church, you may be able to get all the info you need. This link will help: The parish's phone number is 00351291822191.
  • Hello verbatim, Maybe a psyco-therapist will do. Try Graca Proenca, she's in Rua Bela Santiago,18, 1st floor, door 1. Maybe you'd like to contact her in advance, to make sure she can offer you the kind of service you're looking for and in English: …
  • Hello verbatim, The translation is a good idea, I must say, but I'm afraid your translation is not very good... Would you like me to send you how it should be, or will you try to do it better? In my opinion, you trying again will be much more bene…
  • Hello again verbatim, No "eu" doesn't sound at all like "hey". If you heard "euro" with the "u" sound, then "eu" is exactly the same.
  • You're welcome. Have a nice evening.
  • Hi verbatim, Thanks for the advice.
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  • Fig picking must be throughout summer, because that's when they are commercialized.
    in Farm work?? Comment by biaria March 2012
  • What an unpleasant situation! Did you have problems with those two places? It's always good to be warned.
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  • Yes, Madeira took a dangerous turn and I know it's taking visitors away. Any construction work should have been very well planned, but it wasn't. At least now, with the recession, things have calmed down, which is good news. You're right, the Azor…
  • Hi verbatim, No, it doesn't always end like that, but, usually, verbs with the same termination are alike. Even the examples I gave you, are the complete opposite: Fechar (to close) is fecha for "tu" and feche for "voce", while abrir (to open) is …
  • Contrary to your belief, francophile, the main cause for all the concrete around the island is not the brits and immigrants, but our Government's greed.
  • Grape picking is in September.
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  • Hi, have a look at Holmes Place in Dolce Vita, or Ginasio Platinium in Anadia Shopping.
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  • Hi verbatim, You probably have this worked out by now, but it's funny that I looked into three websites and none of them has DHL's phone number, only the address.
  • It depends. If your income is exclusively as an employee (cat. A), or if you're on a pension (cat. H), your submission by internet is in April. For everybody else it's in May. In paper form it's on the previous month, in both cases.
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  • polar, if you google "aquecimento central Ilha da Madeira" you will get some firms.
  • Elaine has a good point there, verbatim. It may be that they're charging you for a previous tenant's debt. Don't pay anything before finding out what's going on.
  • Hi again verbatim, "feche a porta, por favor" is correct. "abre a porta, por favor" is best with "abra", which is a more polite way of saying it and is how it appears everywhere. "Abre" is used when you're talking to a friend, a brother, a sister, …
  • Hi verbatim, it could be that they've been charging you an estimated value only, which was corrected now. I advise you to contact the service providers and find out.
  • Hi verbatim, You're welcome and thanks for your answer. Maybe I should try firefox, next time I need to place accents. All the best.
  • With all the finacial problems Madeira is faced with, I don't think there will be a Golf Course in Ponta do Pargo so soon.
  • A high quality product and service will mean high prices and people aren't too keen on that nowadays. We're all suffering with the financial mishaps.