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  • Hi Robert Thank you so much for responding. I will find out but I expect its a private pension. Louise
  • Many thanks for your response. I will let them know that they really do need to get in touch with the UK Tax office, which it was that easy! Cheers Louise
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply Joao and the Bat. I will pass on the info you've given me. Louise wishing she was in Madeira now!
  • Thanks Joao, flying out today so we'll check it out. Louise
  • Hi Cant help you there I'm afraid but would love to know if you bought the tomato food in Madeira?
  • Thanks Bee, I'll let her know. Louise
  • Karen, that is so kind of you to offer but I couldnt possibly ask anyone to do that. I am actually visiting next week but can only find liquid food but as I am only taking hand luggage I wont be able to take it. If you know if its possible to get no…