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  • hello is old house is still there in place called quinta falcao wich is near saint antonio cemitery.that is your reference point if you get to the cemitery and ask evewryone will tell you were it is.
  • hello i am from Madeira but living in englad ta the moment and for 9 years now I am thinking of going back to madeira very soon and m looking for bussiness partner if you are interested give me a shout.
  • hello! for a good car at good price try cybermadeira.com. as for the transport of cars from the mainland will cost you over 500 euros. I think you will be better of getting your car in madeira just shop around and you will find what your looking fo…
  • hello all you Madeira lovers! my name is Carlos and from Madeira but living in uk fo about 9 years now.I am married and have 2 boys aged 6 and 2. I am seriously thinking of retournig to Madeira very soon . I am at the moment trying to find someon…