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  • Hi Ursula, Hope all is well. My business partner is in Madeira at the moment and would very much like to meet with you. If you could send me your details she will contact you and you could meet at your convenience. Regards Teresa
  • Thanks for the insightful advice. I've had the opportunity to speak to some Portuguese people who find the uncompetitive market just as frustrating. I suppose my biggest struggle is definitely going to be the 'nepotism' culture that seems to exist o…
  • I'm done some market research and unfortunately what i'm coming up with is that the tourists that frequent Madeira are really 'low spenders'. Now this is the part i'm trying to establish is this because they are doing packaged holidays and not inter…
  • Thanks for the reply - i'm a frequent vistior to Madeira and am amazed how saturated the market is but yet how much potential it has. Am looking into opening up a business there but want to get the feel of how expats feel about the standard of livin…
  • Do you live on the island? Have to agree about the driving. Secondly, do you feel this affects the way businesses are managed on the island?