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  • I understand it's difficult for non Portuguese speakers to get any kind of job other than perhaps "timeshare" and I don't imagine that's a great option. If your husband did find a job,wages are very low compared to the UK, but your household bills …
  • Has she tried the garden centre next to Modelo Supermarket, Ribeira Brava. (Beside the new Sports Centre)?
  • We arrived on Christmas Day 06 and found the Old Town restaurants nearly all open and although we had booked (8pm) people were still able to get a table without any trouble. The Old Town is on the east side of Funchal and close to the Cable Car. E…
    in Xmas 2008 Comment by Bee December 2008
  • I've just read that the sea temperature remains mild year round averaging 22 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter. Perhaps I'll dip my toe in on my next visit!
  • Have you looked at and for some ideas? It's really worthwhile hiring a car, too many people book a half day taxi tour of the Island and think that's it - they have seen it. Why not head West from Funhal…
  • If you have a look at you will find a webcam showing daily pictures of various parts of the Island, including Santa Serra, I look at it regularly and Santa Serra is quite often under a lot of cloud, whereas Calhetta and Ribei…
  • I know the present marina was destroyed in a storm, but there is a plan to rebuild and improve it, including a sandy beach. There is a large poster with an architects photograph at the entrance to the marina. One of the house builders is also using…