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  • perhaps you could adopt the strategy of my neighbour, who threatens dog owners with a screwdriver if they bark. "people in Madeira have no idea how to care for dogs etc" - what nonsense!!! There are always a few bad apples everywhere, but to tarnis…
  • Casino Mentol is the only brand I have seen (Portuguese) 2,60€ a packet, but most machines don't sell them
  • email with what you need
  • email me Carletto and I can book for you
  • João Ribeira does play for Naval, he is on contract there until 2010. It is a mainland team, not Madeiran. Details hereção_Naval_1º_de_Maio
  • cost €2.60, one way, last time I caught it in the summer All bus info available via this link
  • Normally phones brought from the UK don't work here, and it's a bit more technical than just the socket connection.
  • try this link for information on the education system here:
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  • I asked a teacher last night and he said he was returning to school on 22nd September. Breaks are at Xmas and Easter, normally starting the day before or the Monday before. End of school year depends on exams, so it can be June or July (I think) De…
  • SPAD (Society for the protection of domestic animals) are currently looking at ways to deal with the stray animal problem with all the local councils, and some news is expected soon. All the councils have a legal obligation to deal with stray anima…
  • I have never been, but the posters and banners you see stay up all year until they rot or blow away, so make sure you are looking at the current year. Der
  • sweet potato is supposed to be used in the real stuff Der
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  • thanks Phoebe
  • A big article in todays paper about bank charges ... I have summarised on today's blog : Also a useful chart of bank charges and comparisons for the 18 banks that offer services on Madeira, also from today's newsp…
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  • Sheila's latest news stories are published today on this link Some great information on what is being done to rehome Madeira's strays abroad, and the people behind the scenes m…
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  • "Another White Elephant" - exactly Anton! They are working to secure the rockface at the moment, but apart from a report in the newspaper a few weeks ago about the dreadful state of the place, I have heard n…
  • There is a list of the main banks here (without locations): If you want locations, maybe the yellow pages are the best bet, or you can check on-line at http://yellowpage…
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  • I have checked Flowergirl, and it's definately Madeira Island Der
  • you can click on this link to get Sheila's page directly Der
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  • happy to host a page on the subject, but there is not really enough here to start a new page, and some of the information seems a little uncertain. If someone who has gone through this process and knows the facts, pitfalls, etc, I will be happy to p…
  • Bear in mind it was 2004, so things may have changed. It was a used car, and the car age makes a difference to the tax payable, as does the engine size (it may be based on emissions now). To avoid the tax, you had to have residency (temporary shoul…
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  • I must admit that I have never asked for a over the counter withdrawal at BPI, but I would be suprised if they charge Der
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  • If you are talking about euro cash withdrawals, my bank BPI charges no fees for almost everything. The only fees I pay every year are annual charges for my debit and credit cards, and for new cheques. I used to bank with BES, but they charged for …
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  • The British Consulate holds a list of English speaking lawyers, though they are not recommendations. Contact details here: Der
  • tax and residency are two separate things. Your liability to pay tax is determined by being here or having assets here, and has nothing to do with residency. Residency has an element of choice, taxation doesn't. Tax info here : http://www.madeira4u.…
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  • try this for info If you find any difference, could you let me know please ... as the process seems to change pretty regularly Der
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  • try this for info Der
  • I use 2 books: 1. 501 Portuguese Verbs ISBN 0-8120-9034-9 by Nitti & Ferreira (the full monty ... with all 107 tenses for each verb) 0r 2. Harrap's Study Aid - Portuguese Verbs - ISBN 0-245-60737-4 (pocket size book, which misses out most th…
  • AFPOP used to run social events,and alternate between Funchal and west island (well that was the theory). They started off as information meetings, but later became meals out, usually with a few beers involved. Another AFPOP rep organised a book rea…
  • thanks for the offer, but no thanks Sarah I have a full time occupation, how about you? Der