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  • as there seems to be little in the way of social events, I have made an offer to assist in publicising anything anyone fancies organising - see this link for details Der
  • Hi HRM, we could do with the fund raising skills to raise funds to help the homeless and sick animals on the island. If you are interested I can put you in touch with somebody. Der
  • better still, just find some growing wild and take some cuttings Der
    in Geraniums Comment by Der February 2008
  • try putting a free property wanted ad here comes out number 1 on Google search term 'madeira property wanted' (at present) g'luck Der
  • ... with the exception of time share of course ... Der
  • you dont even need to peel it before you cook it. Just cut in segments, cook, and then the skin comes off very easily. Oil and garlic make all the difference. Der
    in Pipinela Comment by Der January 2008
  • You will need to take out a mortgage to afford TAP, or if you have a few children it might be cheaper to charter your own aircraft. They have just put their prices up again! Der
  • Easyjet isn't a charter company flowergirl. However, here are easyjet's rules: Children under the age of 14 (exclusive) years can not travel without an adult of over 16 years of age who will take full responsibility for the child. Passengers betwe…
  • The original comment is theoretically true for 'health tourists', but as doctors don't want to get involved in politics and unethical decisions, then unless there is an expensive or long winded procedure involved, you may not have any problems. The…
  • you are better off looking for someone Portuguese looking to learn english, as you will probably teach each other bad habits, as the pronunciation and some of the grammar are so difficult, and then on top of that they say so many things in different…
  • I know he grows them, but I don't know if he sells them, but if you contact me via this link I will give you his number
    in PARSNIPS Comment by Der December 2007
  • I know someone who grows parsnips not far from me. Let me know if you want his number Lainey. Anyway, panic over, we have some parsnips for you for xmas! Der
    in PARSNIPS Comment by Der December 2007
  • Its a bit 'old hat' now Dave, and whether the special deal is still available I don't know ... basic details here
  • I imported from within the EC, and that was bad enough. I got tax exemption, and the whole cost was about €500 ... but the amount of time & paperwork involved was amazing. After 2 inspections, a weighing, and about 20 visits into Funchal it took…
  • It didn't look like this one I hope picture from todays Diário
  • I don't know amy in Funchal, but if you want a taxi for an excursion, the prices are on this page let me know if you find one, they are hard to come by Der
    in Taxi Comment by Der November 2007
  • OK Anton, I see what you mean - I have rerouted the link to the correct page now. Thanks for letting me know. Der
  • Hi Anton, the SAM website is down at the moment, but if you click the link for the airport bus at it takes you to the ANAM site which says Serviços - Acessos e Transportes - Autocarros O pre…
  • Sounds easy, but it's not. If you don't already speak Portuguese, then it's probably a no hoper. As for finding a nice soul to teach you Portuguese, then that nice soul would need to have a couple of years spare. It is a very difficult language to…
  • also on this page
  • in 4 years we have only had one cockroach in the house. I sometimes see them out in town. Drowning seems a bit longwinded. You can buy cockroach killer in Modelo & other places. In Modelo its in a red can with the flysprays. I don't know what …
  • Hiper Sã & Modelo both did free delivery last time I needed it. I don't know about Pingo Doce. Large electrical stores are Worten & Radio Popular, both have websites I recall. Der
  • I also received a message via the blog (thanks!) "I have flights booked with BA in June next year and I have been sent an email saying flights before 30 march 2008 remain the same but if you are booke…
  • cheers Don, a big ask I know. It would be nice to have all this information in one place in english, as I already have all the Câmara websites on one page (direct through the link below), but they are all in Portuguese of course. http://www.madeira…
  • You go to the Finance Office (Finanças) to get your card with your contribution number. I think you just need to take your passport and proof of your address on Madeira (house contract or rental agreement) but with all these things I always take eve…
  • If you are in Funchal, there is a lady near Ajuda that I used to see. She is very good and her prices were better than reasonable. It's probably not a good thing to give here phone number out here, so if you contact me via the website www.madeira4u…
  • thank you soooo much Ellen,and I can confirm we have never met nor money changed hands(?) all the advertisers will be on the advertisers pages on the website,but you should see them start displaying stickers from next week, starting in Funchal and …
  • is the website for starting a business (most of the pages are in english too). You will need a €5,000 start up capital sum, or more for certain things. Some guidelines on…
  • don't cost me any extra to pay by direct debit ... you're with the wrong bank Toby, I thought it was a swizzzz, but I emailed them to ask to cancel it about a year ago, and guess what nothing was done
  • been doin' it for years Ron ... excellent service too