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  • There is cable on the island depending on where you are. I would think there would be in Funchal. There is a website that tells you where cable is available, but I don´t have the address.
  • Hi Phil, Calheta covers a lot of different climates, different vegetation, and different possibilities for activities. It would be good for you to describe what kind of land/climate/size/activities you are considering. Don't quite understand what y…
  • Hi Rob, Most wood products on the island are sourced from a "wood store" in Camara de Lobos. I know how to get there but not well enough to give you directions. Near the concrete works and not difficult to find once you know roughly how to get ther…
  • Fennelphile, There are a number of spammers on this site, who don't seem to get blocked by admin the way they should. It is possible that Men89 is one of them, so just a caution re any private messages (or public ones, although they are all innocu…
  • Thanks Fennelphile. How is your search for screens going? With the present mosquito news thought you were on the right track - no pun intended :-)
  • Where is there a Staples or Office Depot?
  • Then you could try the same place that I suggested for the screens and have them all made together at once. Their prices are better than most places.
  • Pardon my ignorance, but what are UPVC windows? Are they the standard ones you see in all the houses here, or something different?
  • We had self-storing screens (permanent but slide out of the way to let you close/open the shutters) made by Somuros, when they made our windows. Don't know if they will do screens on their own or how small an order they will do. ( ie if you want on…
  • PS Any agent can show you any house, so tell an agent about the house that you like best and (s)he should be able to arrange a showing or at the very least a drive by first to see if it is worth a showing.
  • Sign up to Unless you like Skype - we find it too flaky. Call the estate agents and tell them what day you are coming. Many Madeiran businesses are not good about returning emails, and estate agents get a lot of "dreamers".…
  • Hello again Hewit, While Limbo is correct that using a licensed estate agent reduces horror stories, it does not eliminate them. He is not correct that they "would make sure you get treated correctly". As in all things, you have to use your common…
  • Hi Hewit, As you asked for any suggestions, mine would be that you delay buying and rent until you know the "lay of the land". Your comment that you are looking in the Sao. Vincente-Ribeira Brava area may make sense on a map but in practice makes …