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  • Well thanks anabelle62 I try my best to do things as well as I possibly can, it can be hard sometimes though :( Don't worry, if you can't help I don't expect you to, but if you know anyone could you please mention it to them just incase? Thanks for …
  • I made a public reply to an offense e-mail from a guy on this topic it's in a new post if ur curious... If anyone wants a kitten or the adult please contact me
  • Yes had her since a kitten but haven't managed to get a home for her, she's a very lovable cat. She's tottaly white, I found her, she was miauing, scared, starving... abandoned
  • MILK well milk in the UK hummm yummy creamy, it's real milk, in the mainland you can get some real milk, here well here you get milk but I don't like it as much. That's fat, low fat and skinny and the fat here well when I was in the UK the low fat …
  • Ok, then make a forum with people with blue eyes, then one with brown eyes, then with green eyes so you don't have to go through allllllll those posts to find just one, a forum for catholic, jew, islam.... come on we're a community therefore the sam…
  • I know 2 bisexuals and they don't like telling anyone! There might be much more bi's, les and homo's out there but most of them hide, cause people here can be real horrible to others, funny thing is I knew 2 guys that were gay at school and they'd …
  • If I had a house I'd swap, I've lived on Madeira practicly all my life, was in the UK for 2 months in 2005 and I fell in love with it, but sorry can't help you as I don't have any property!
  • Hi Olivia, I'm 19 and I've been on a plane a few times, it's ok, considering that the airport used to be much much small here in Madeira if you are coming here. Just remember there are more car accidents then plane accidents so I've heard so statist…
  • How'd it go? Didia, do you have to be so offensive to the poor girl? Are you by any chance from Madeira? Elena I hope things went well for you, I saw ur add late or I might have organised with some friends to go on a Levada walk with you so you coul…
  • try or the cybermadeira has a simple search engine for the cars
  • Just remember that there have been some accidents as you go through roads that aren't closed to cars...
  • I have netmadeira, it can give a lot of headackes, but there isn't much to choose from, well I'm stiking to it for now, there's been a lot of complaints about it. but I guess we're also not so unsatisfied as to changing.
  • have you tried or or maybe even
  • I've seen man made beehives here and there but don't know more then that sorry
  • I've had a few dogs myself, and they would go freely around the house and outdoors as they would walk a few passes to go to the farm to run around and do their business, most of them ended up poisened by stupid neighbours, one of our favourite ones …
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  • mail me at or add this in msn tried sending a private message here but just gave stupid errors lol
  • To meet SA ppl I also advise a site: And the butcher is also available in town near the "mercado" market...