The Smart 3 Star Residencial Greco

The Residencial Greco is a comfortable and well situated accommodation establishment in the centre of Funchal. It nestles very closely to the "Igreja do Carmo" - the Carmo church, but does have its fair share of hectic city life about it too.

It is situated precisely in the heart of the most important business area in Funchal. So shopping is fantastic. This accommodation is very useful for the business traveller, but it is just as useful for the holiday maker who wants to spend some time admiring art in the museums nearby, or to be able to attend a music concert in the evenings and not get lost.

It is a very safe area and the taxis are literally a stones throw away. The vibrancy of the city is experienced in small cultural festivals held around the church at certain times of the years. So do not be surprised to find yourself cheering along with a palm leaf a religious procession, or throwing confetti at the newly-weds outside the church steps...

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Residencial Greco
Rua do Carmo, 16

Fax Reservations:

+351 291 222667


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