The Smart 3 Star Residencial Mónaco

The Residencial Mónaco is a comfortable and well situated accommodation establishment in the centre of Funchal. Although it sits amidst the part of Funchal where it can get quite busy it nestles just off in a quiet street.

Shopping is all close by, including cultural activities such as theatre, music, museums, and art exhibitions, amongst others. it is also very close to the "Igreja do Carmo" - the Carmo Church.

Situated in a safe area it is a pleasure to mingle with the working populace of Funchal in their cosmopolitan coin-changling activities. Be prepared to drink some coffee: this is a coffee culture area with a high concentration of snack bars and delicatessens. Around the corner from the Residencial is an assortment of governmental and business offices that make this part of town so much the life of the city.

The accommodation is a 3 star grade establishment and is run by the same people who have several hotels in the same area. Friendly staff, and clean and comfortable lodging is what makes this place suffer so much demand. These valuable rooms are difficult to come by...

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Residencial Mónaco
Rua das Hortas, 14A

Fax Reservations: +351 +291 +222667
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