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Pictures of the Casa Papagaio

Please click on the photos below for a series of additional pictures of the house.
Please note that the photos are only a hint of everything else that can be enjoyed and seen at the house.

Filomena, your hostess, welcomes you to her home
The modern facade uses traditional Madeiran tufa rock as a cladding for this structure built to maximise the southerly facing disposition of the property.
One of so many varieties and species of flowers and plants on the property. Casa Papagaio is a gardener's delight!
The main facade of the house
Flower filled gardens
Traditional wicker reed chairs allow some kind exposure to the sun in the garden
A sub-tropical garden with meditteranean style garden living!
A view from the top terrace to the lush green valley below.
Reed chairs in the sun
More reed chairs
The green valley below
The exclusive and reclusive one bedroom apartment - detached and freestanding in the rear garden.
The bedrooms that form part of the bottom part of the house and having direct access to the garden in front.
A view of the typical layout of a double bedroom at Casa Papagaio - facing the garden.
Exclusive 1 bedroom apartment
View from bedroom to garden
A reverse interior view into the bedroom from the garden doorway.
The spacious and airy interior of the bedroom makes it a pleasure to spend a lot of time in the room.
A typical bathroom that supports each bedroom. Each bedroom and apartment has its own fully equipped bathroom.
Well appointed rooms
Spacious, airy rooms
An example of the 'twin' bedrooms available in Casa Papagaio.
The colour themed bathroom to the twin bedroom.
Leaving the bedrooms you can access the gardens again.
Another bedroom
Garden with a view
An example of a typical Portuguese living room area - but with a touch of contemporary additions added to the indo-portuguese furniture.
Dining room area where breakfast is served.
A closeup of some of the personal and unique works of art in the Casa.
Living room area
Dining room area
Detail of some art
One of many couches and sofas on the property to spend some time whiling the day away.
More plant life in the garden.
Bouganvillea adorn the bushes about the one bedroom apartment.
Interior couch
Plant life in the garden
Bouganvillea in garden
The dramatic perch of the swimming pool terrace overlooking the sea and hills of Funchal.
Side view of the large swimming pool.
The blue blue swimming pool so inviting under the Madeiran sunshine.
Overlooking the pool
Invitingly fresh pool
Blue skies and blue pool
A guest enjoying some afternoon sun next to the swimming pool and the studio apartments on the swimming pool terrace.
A garden passage under loads of foilage and dappled shade.
The garden area enjoys a lot of mature trees and plants.
Time out in the sun by pool
Garden path
Mature gardens
The banana grove is just one of several small farming business activities on the property.
The astonishingly delicious and extraordinarily exotic 'pitanga' fruit (indigenous to Brazil) that can be enjoyed when ripe in the summer.
It is common for fruit trees to bear fruit twice a year in Madeira. Casa Papagaio is no exception. Another closer look at the 'pitanga' fruit.
Banan grove
"Pitanga" fruit
Delicious "pitangas"
Other farming activity on the property is the cultivation of succulent iceberg lettuce that gets sold in local supermarkets.
Other varieties of lettuce are also grown, along with rocket (ruccola) and many types of herbs like parsley, celery, thyme, rosemary and so on.
A set of two donkeys are also found on the property - quite a few terraces below the farming parts.
Iceberg lettuce
Other types of lettuce
Friendly donkey
The donkeys are very friendly, just like all the other domestic animals on the property.
A billy goat is also part of the entourage of farming animals on the property.
A lazy cat basks in the sunlight with purrrfect leisureful pleasure.
Billy goat
Basking in the sun
It is important to remember that although there are cats and dogs on the property nearly all of them are trained not to enter the house or any other property.
The wide blue skies above the Casa Papagaio.
The wide deep blue sea below the Casa Papagaio.
Cats & dogs live it well here
Blue, blue skies
Blue, blue seas

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