Quinta do Cabouco is a veritable home away from home with all its particular attention to detail and comfortable, lovingly cared for and "motherly" feel about it. It is a bright sunlit and fresh accommodation categorized as a "rural house" by the local tourism authority - but with the additional extras that can be expected from a typical bed and breakfast in common universal terms.

Guests are offered two types of accommodation: with breakfast or without breakfast (see our rates chart). Please note that extra meals, such as some of our delicious and extraordinary traditional dishes, can be arranged, at an extra fee, with at least two or three days notice. Please do not hesitate to talk to us about what we can do for you regarding extra or special meals when you arrive. We also have a common kitchen or "kitchenette" area where guests can prepare their own "light" meals which is annexed to a common living area.

The property comprises three bedrooms - each with its own private bathroom and toilet facilities - of which one bedroom is classified as a suite, and the other two as double bed rooms. The suite has the largest room space (see photos on our pics page) and even has its own desk, armchairs and wonderful sea view. Actually, all bed rooms have a wonderful sea view and garden view and all face south. An extra bed can be allocated to the suite upon prior request. Please see our rates page for more information.

Further facilities on the property include parking space for vehicles, gardens, a small orchard and a vegetable patch that intermingle with each other in typical rural old style fashion. THe main house includes a large sunny verandah, a private garden area behind the house, the entertainment room, a large living room with fireplace and the the most awesome sunset vantage point. The property is close to the Levada do Norte for guests who like to do walks.

Please have a look at our photos for any other items that we forgot to mention above.

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