Quinta do Cabouco is located on a hill overlooking the village town of Ribeira Brava - which happens to be the same name attributed to the municipality district to which it belongs. Ribeira Brava is one of eleven municipal districts of Madeira and is located promptly and conveniently right there - in the middle - on the sunny south coast of Madeira.

Access to every other part of the island is rapid, quick and easy. Driving to the north of the island is a short hop through a new tunnel made via the middle of the island. The bustling cosmpolitan city of Funchal is less than 20 minutes away and the beautiful west coast towards Calheta is also another mere 20 minutes away. However, with new tunnels being opened in 2004, with better access to both Calheta, Jardim do Mar and Prazeres, this will be an even shorter drive. We would still recommend taking the longer more winding routes to enjoy the beautiful bucolic scenery that Madeira has to offer you though.


Quinta do Cabouco is sufficiently removed from the village centre to still feel as if you were living far away in the countryside. But still close enough to modern amenities such as children playgrounds, restaurants, police, pharmacies, shopping and the all important beach! Around Quinta do Cabouco, the lush green and typically narrow lanes (fitting only a horse cart, for example), overgrown fruit orchards and hanging vines has that quintessential meditteranean (but still typically Madeiran) feel about it.

Quinta do Cabouco is itself a working and certified AGRO-BIOLOGICAL farm (it has been certified by the responsible authority for the issuance of such certifications - "SOCERT-PORTUGAL, Lda.")

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