Solar da Bica - A lovely manor home in Madeira

Solar da Bica is the name of a homestead transformed into a luxury bed and breakfast establishment located in the rural environs of the São Vicente municipality in Madeira. The transformed home is the end product of a labour of love, a home that took some years to complete. The property also comprises a completely new addition - a structure with about six new bedrooms all fitted out to the best modern standards.
Solar da Bica is registered as a “Turismo de Habitação” establishment. This is a Portuguese term used to define a bed and breakfast hotel or establishment which implies and requires that the owners or managers of the establishment reside on the property. The owners, Joel and Ferdinanda, are locals of São Vicente itself and have a vast and deep intimate knowledge of the village and its environs. Be sure to ask them what are the best walks, trails or tours to be had in the beautiful countryside right next to the property.

They chose the name “Solar da Bica” for their lovely property as a consequence of the location: the property is located near a brook once used as a resource by the villagers for potable water and to wash their clothes by - hence the part of the name “Bica” which refers to the brook. The word “Solar” itself refers to the type of Portuguese home that resembles a mini “manor-house”. It usually refers to the seat or main family homestead of a (formerly) aristocratic family.

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