Solar da Bica - A lovely manor home in Madeira

Solar da Bica is located a stones throw away from the UNESCO world heritage classified site of the "Laurissiliva" forest. This protected environment is a must see by our visitors to experience what type of plant life existed in pre-history.

The area in which the accommodation is located is very well known for its excellent vineyards. Some of the more familiar brand names of Madeira wine have their origins in this verdejante landscape.

It is part of the São Vicente municipality and enjoys the privilege of a romantic, rustic and idyllic all year round emerald green setting with breathtaking views and exotic pre-historic plant life nearby. The centre of the village of São Vicente is a mere 5 minutes away by car. There are many small restaurants in the village centre and some nice and cosy snack bars on the sea front. São Vicente is becoming more and more popular with surfers. There is an exciting surf on the road that leads out of São Vicente to Ponta Delgada where many young surfers can be spotted.

Solar da Bica is also very close to the renowned "Grutas de São Vicente" - the famous volcanic caves discovered quite recently in the vicinity.

There are more than a dozen levadas and footpaths in the vicinity to enjoy and walk along by. There are many more local attractions, far too many to mention on this small page, but suffice to say that you will be kept busy at, for example, the popular goldsmiths of São Vicente, the lime stone quarry, the quaint village chapels and the many arts and crafts stores in the vicinity.

Clearly, the most enduring feature of the location in which the property is located is the abundance of green plants, flowers, shrubs and agricultural plants including vines, fruit trees and kitchen vegetables. (In one of the photos on this site there is a small lot of beans growing next top the barbecue).

No decent Madeiran villa or home goes without its own little vegetable patch or effusion of pot plants, herbs and shrubs. Almost everything and anything grows in São Vicente . The rich fertile volcanic soils form whence the island was borne has provided sustenance to so many types of flora it would take a lifetime to catalogue them all in Madeira.

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