Villa Summerville

Villa Summerville - An English Style Bed and Breakfast in Caniço

Vila Summerville
Lote nº1
Sítio da Quinta
(50 m Behind the Restaurante Franco's)
9125 Madeira

For reservation enquiries please call the desk, or leave a message:

In Madeira: +351 +91 +222667
In the UK: +44 +171 +691 9746
(both numbers also receive faxes !)

Vila Summerville is about 50 metres from the "Dom Pedro Garajau" Hotel complex.
In front of the Dom Pedro Garajau Hotel is the shopping centre with the bakery and Restaurante Franco's.
Remember, follow the small road on the left going up next to Restaurante Franco's, and which goes on behind into the end at the corner. There you will find Villa Summerville.



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