Welcome to one of the more distinct and unique rural countryside 4 star Inns that can be found in the sub-tropical and forest crested island of Madeira. The Eira do Serrado has one of the most exclusive and beautiful views, not to mention a great "green" location unlike any other hotel in Madeira, with views of the beautiful and rugged steep mountain gorges that drop into the ancient hearth of an extinct and green vallied volcano below.

The Eira do Serrado can be said to be just the right place to spend a quiet and relaxing holiday away from it all. The village below is Curral das Freiras (or Nun's Valley) and was so named when many Nun's sought refuge from pillaging and rampaging pirates in centuries gone by. The location is serene and must have been providenced by the almighty for thequiet refuge it offers for any a "retreating" visitor.

For the guest who also wants to be near to all the cosmopolitan jangle of Funchal the hotel is a mere 20 minutes away from the city centre.

One of the great features of the location are the multitude of possible walking routes, hiking, and great cardio-vascular exercise in clean fresh mountain and Atlantic ocean air.

Please have a look at our Photo Album for some pictures! Thanks for passing by. And if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us via our online query/bookings form.

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